How to bypass USA billing address verification?


Hi everyone,

Does anyone have any working way order from a USA online shop to a USA address? I think USA online shops match the credit card with the address which causes Revolut cards to be declined.

I tried with entropay (which is US issued as far as I know) but it didn’t let the transaction go through either.

Then there’s but they are really expensive.

Do you know any other ways to do this? I’d be grateful for your ideas.

Thanks in advance for your tips!


If a merchant uses billing address verification (a service offered by credit card brands), the billing address of the Revolut card will be the address under “Profile / Personal details”. This address has to be verified when someone opens a Revolut account. Since Revolut is currently only available for EEA residents, I don’t see how this could be changed to an address that will be accepted by merchants that use address verification to limit their sales to US residents.

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Sure, but maybe someone from the community knows a way to get it working using some other service, than revolut?