How to actually receive support (you can't)

  • I tried to receive support - automated messages from Rita
  • Requested live agent, no contact for hours
  • Once I get contact apparently my problem is moved to the relevant department
  • Days later I still don’t have support and now can’t contact anyone to talk about the issue as Rita and previous live agent do not respond to anything - I’m assuming because the original problem was not solved - but it never will be.

What do I do?
You can improve this by not opening cases that aren’t addressed by someone (or a case manager who might receive notifications). Now I’m waiting for nothing, but have no way of contacting anyone on the support team.


Hi there.

Thank you for your feedback. I’ve escalated this issue to our compliance team as they will be better suited to assist you with this matter. A member of the team will be with your shortly.


Andreas K.


It seems that he is not the only person who can’t manage to get support. Been trying since this morning UK time and still no luck. Are the still technical issues with the app??


Apologies for any inconvenience caused. This delay is due to extremely massive demand.


Why don’t you ( Revolut) hire some Asians? many many many so we won’t wait days for support :smiley:
Believe me, is a great business. Philippines is full of call centers/ support sites for US, UK, EU :laughing:
While travelin in Phills for ~3 months I think a quarter of youngsters works in support for English speaking countries :))


Keep working on it. Growing pain are just another indication that people are moving away from the traditional banking system… Go Revolut :+1::+1:


I would ask about how manage to get support. A few days ago it was still working but today I was need something and I can’t. Not even I’ve received message from Rita.


Cannot get a response from agent for more than 24 hours now. My physical card was supposed to arrive today but has not. Paid for next day premium. No tracking available on the card. I made 2 international transfers (one of them with a boost) that was supposed to reach beneficiary today but hasn’t. Anybody experiencing similar problems? I’m not getting any notice that support is overwhelmed or unavailable so I think something’s wrong.


It´s the same too me. I was made 2 international trafers, but the money has not been recived today how it supposed it must be. And I can contact with the support by the chat. Either I can´t write them.


You mean the support are communicating with you but you cannot reply? It’s the opposite for me - I am writing to them but I’m getting no reply for over 24 hours. sigh.

I think the support is overwhelmed. It does not explain the delays on transfers as it would be on a different system that shouldn’t get any slowdowns. Systems like this can handle thousands of transactions per second.


Hey @mjc and @RaquelPeGra :slight_smile:

Sometimes the chat gets stuck. Consider reaching :r: through Twitter as it usually speed things up:


Hey @Juliopp thanks for getting back to me! I don’t really use social media :rofl:. Do I tweet the problem or use the direct message option?


@Juliopp @RaquelPeGra I just got a message from a live agent. I figured out how to make the chat unstuck! You need to type ‘Resolved’ first so the bot closes the previous chat. Then you re-engage again.


In my experience Twitter or Facebook is usually quicker


Why is your support not 24 hours? I’m travelling abroad in Asia and when issues occur (which are frequent these days) there is ZERO support from a real person! Revolut used to be so good, but there are more and more occasions when payments don’t work and no one to provide help.


Hi there. It’s something we’re working on it and we will make an announcement soon.