How on earth do I cancel my Account!


Is there anyone out there who has actually managed to cancel their Revolut Account? I had one to provide a secondary method of obtaining cash whilst travelling abroad & for automatic card payments eg Fuel stations , cafe’s etc. Whilst travelling throughout Europe, I rarely managed to actually pay for petrol either at Automated fuel pumps or with station staff. Since I was travelling by motorcycle, this happened a lot! The card did not therefore meet my needs. As advised, I cleared my balance and then followed the ‘In App’ procedure to speak with a Live Agent. On the first occasion I was told I had to wait an estimated 16 hours and on the second a mere 10 hours!! It appears you have to remain in app on your mobile phone & just wait, as no one will call you back after the estimated time. This is ridiculous and clearly a procedure designed to dissuade you from leaving. For goodness sake can someone please get in touch and assist.


It’s not a procedure to disused you : :r: is slow for everybody,not only for closing?+ account :frowning: