how much privacy must I lose in order to increase funding level (verify source of funds)


Like the linked thread below, all my income is in the UK and sourced as dividends.
I’ve provided various info, such as paystubs, ids, and my bank statement.

Yet, what’s required from me STILL is…
1 - 3 months of account statements from the ‘sourcing’ bank (the account where I send money to revolut)
2 - 3 months of account statements from my account receiving my salary

They are different - so in all, I am forced to offer up my privacy in order to get a bit of credit. I’m a little baffled at this and wanted to make it public (at least within this forum).

I’ve not had any other bank account/ financial service ask for such details. This CANNOT be the legal requirement - if so, I’d like someone to provide me the links, I’d be very curious why the FCA or other body would require me to hand over so much information that anyone in your company can steal my identity.

I also posted here as it was relevant to my situation:

Source Of Funds (Dividends)

I agree and feel uncomfortable with the level of intrusivity refarding source of funds. No other bank request such level of details. This clearly cannot be a legal requirement.


same here, I’m going to enjoy Revolut, but I’ll think very hard before sharing everything that is financially related to me with them, especially these days when they are changing privacy policy and they might share this information with other entities in the future.

If they requested the same documents that a normal bank requests when opening an account, I’d be happy to provide that