how much faster is turbo transfer for international payment?

The FAQ section says non premium standard international transfers take 3 - 5 working days. For transfers to a bank account in Spain how many days would a ‘turbo transfer’ take? Unless I am being dim there is no guidance on how quick these turbo transfers are other than an slightly unhelpful x5 faster comment.

Hey @turbotransferror :slight_smile:

Transfers made to Spain will be SEPA transfers regardless of the added “turboness”, as far as I know (i might be wrong). Therefore, they should not take longer than 1 business day regardless of the “turboness” :wink:


Ahaa - interesting. And Revolut transfers to bank accounts in the EU will automatically be SEPA will they? Maybe the obvious answer is to try sending a test amount of say 10 euros to that bank account and see how long it takes. But then maybe larger sums would take longer??

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When i did transfer while standard user it took couple days to recieve on other end (Latvia)
When premium activated it took mere 2hrs . :wink:

Yes, that’s right. Euro transfers are made via SEPA, and Turbocharging doesn’t really apply :).

Was that euro and SEPA? It was not over the weekend or holidays? Then it shouldnt have taken more than a day.

It was over weekend holidays,but transfer took actual 2-3 working days/non holiday
All transfer took 5-6days.
Sent to swedbank in latvia both times.
Second transfer did on working day and just took 2hrs( activated premium )
Yes,both Euro and SEPA :slight_smile:

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Does anybody have any experience with timescale for non-euro turbotransfers like to Poland in PLN?