How much does a Revolut card cost?

Many many months ago I got my card. I don’t remember paying anything for it. And I didn’t need to topup. :slight_smile:

I recommended 2 other people - they both said they had to pay for their card AND add funds before anything else.

I got one for my wife. We had to topup £10. And then pay £12 for express delivery. :frowning:
(I didn’t want to risk paying the lower amount and getting later.)

How come?

When did the new charges come into place?


Hi there,

Actually theses changes came from a while ago… I don’t remember exactly when but Revolut decided to create a card creation fee (virtual and physical) and I think it’s when they added the spare card feature but I’m still not sure.

So yeah, If you are new to Revolut, your card is going to cost you with Standard Delivery £5 or currency equivalent but using the app, transfers or exchanging within the fair-use is remaining free — and please note that any replacement card costs £6/€8/$10.