How many spending currencies are there?


Under the FAQ section of its website, Revolut states there are 90 currencies available for spending, and lists these currencies: “Revolut currently supports spending, and ATM withdrawals in 90 currencies.”

However, in its recent blog post - Revolut claims to have 120 spending currencies. I turned to customer support for clarification and more info on these supposedly newly added spending currencies, and I was told they would investigate and let me know.

It’s been a couple of days, but I have not received any answer. I’d be kinda important to know what those 30 new currencies are, if there are that many.


On the FAQ list there are 93 currencies and in the app there are 75 but each has its own unique ones. If you merge the two you get a total of 110 unique currencies. The FAQ list certainly omits all the currencies which are pegged at 1:1 with the GBP (FKP, GIP, GGP, IMP, and JEP).


Even if that’s the reason, there are still currencies missing to get to 120. Revolut’s info has to be consistent. And where does it say 93 currencies on the FAQ list? It says 90 - EUR, GBP and USD already figure among these - look at the upper screenshot.


I counted them on the list.


You’re right, there are 93 of them on the list. Didn’t count the list as I trusted Revolut’s counting but so much about that :wink: Would still like to get a definitive answer from Revolut…I mean, I really expect them to explain this.


Surely, as Revolut is a Mastercard, and accepted wherever you see the Mastercard symbol, then the currency is irrelevant. Mastercard deal with the FOREX aspect of the transaction at the Mastercard rate.
As for Revolut being consistent, the only consistency in documentation I have found in 11 months as a customer is inconsistency. The actual service however, is remarkably consistently good.


Of course ut’s accepted everywhere you see MasterCard but I would not agree that the currency is irrelevant. Although MasterCard has a deal with Forex, it does not have to mean that Revolut and MasterCard have an agreement that MasterCard will support all of the currencies it usually offers to the banks.