How many get your salary through Revolut?

  • Yes. I get my salary through Revolut
  • No. I don’t get my salary through Revolut

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I don’t trust Revolut so much to get my salary to go in :sweat_smile::unamused:

My salary goes to Monzo and spending account is Starling :cowboy_hat_face:

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Fair enough. How is your experience with Monzo so far? How is it different from Revolut?

I prefer Monzo as a bill paying account as it looks nicer, much easier to navigate and work with categories :grin::wink:

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Monzo is terribly slow in their US launch. Still in beta stage here.

UK product version is great, but management is getting worse, so not sure what’s next :confused:

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I’ve actually had mine going in for 3 years now, and only ever had a couple of hiccups, once when a new employer made a quite large deposit, and once when an overseas employer started paying i,.

Both were sorted out after a couple of messages on the app, took no more than half an hour or so