How many cards do you own and what do you use them for?

How many (physical) cards do you own and what do you use them for?

I have a gold plated master card.
A golden metal visa card.
A plastic visa card for backups (kept at home)

Not sure what to do with the second visa card. I carry one in my wallet and one in my cellphone.

In case I lose one I still have the second. In case I lose my cellphone and wallet I still have one at home.

When I travel I can take all three and keep them in different places.

Of course I mostly use the gold plated card to pay :heart_eyes:

I use virtual cards for services like Netflix in case anyone gets hacked I can just delete the card. I can also lock a card if I need to decline further payments.

I rarely use one time cards because chrome doesn’t store them


Gold metal
Premium grey

If physical I use gold metal, if Apple Pay it’s ultra, fits the dynamics and it’s nice when people get curious about the gold.

The rest are frozen. I have taken the pride card out on nights out, and chromatic sometimes (rather lose those than the expensive ones).

Gold also looks great in the Bellroy sleeve :heart_eyes:


I have
1 x Metal grey, in person, rarely use but handy to have :grin:

4 x virtual ones:
Investments, Gambling, Donations & other Shopping online :nerd_face:


@moritzroessler @Remi-1 @Carl_1460 Hello :sunflower:

Quite the card collection! You guys have got more cards than a magician’s deck! :black_joker::crystal_ball::smile:

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I’ve a whole stack of cards with many different banks!