How many cards do you own and what do you use them for?

How many (physical) cards do you own and what do you use them for?

I have a gold plated master card.
A golden metal visa card.
A plastic visa card for backups (kept at home)

Not sure what to do with the second visa card. I carry one in my wallet and one in my cellphone.

In case I lose one I still have the second. In case I lose my cellphone and wallet I still have one at home.

When I travel I can take all three and keep them in different places.

Of course I mostly use the gold plated card to pay :heart_eyes:

I use virtual cards for services like Netflix in case anyone gets hacked I can just delete the card. I can also lock a card if I need to decline further payments.

I rarely use one time cards because chrome doesn’t store them


Gold metal
Premium grey

If physical I use gold metal, if Apple Pay it’s ultra, fits the dynamics and it’s nice when people get curious about the gold.

The rest are frozen. I have taken the pride card out on nights out, and chromatic sometimes (rather lose those than the expensive ones).

Gold also looks great in the Bellroy sleeve :heart_eyes:


I have
1 x Metal grey, in person, rarely use but handy to have :grin:

4 x virtual ones:
Investments, Gambling, Donations & other Shopping online :nerd_face:


@moritzroessler @Remi-1 @Carl_1460 Hello :sunflower:

Quite the card collection! You guys have got more cards than a magician’s deck! :black_joker::crystal_ball::smile:

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I’ve a whole stack of cards with many different banks!


I have too much cards, a few are “authorized user” from my mother cards, so I can buy stuff for her on her cards.

The cards I really use everyday are the 4 in the bottom, Visa Infinite for everyday chargers, MasterCard Black for subscriptions, Visa Gold for my phone subscription and is the physical card I keep on my phone case in case of somewhere doesn’t accepting contactless/Apple Pay (this card also have the highest limit and I keep in use with that subscription to so the bank won’t reduce the limit again) and last-ish a MasterCard Gold that’s also a debit and credit card.

@Eudes Sounds like you’ve got every scenario covered - from subscriptions to surprise swipes. :wink:

Veda | Community team

Only one AMEX Platinum card.

The benefits on this card out perform that of Revolut Ultra and others.

All other cards are in my Google Wallet.
My brick and mortar bank
Day to day payments
Online payments
Travel cards 2x

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@Ves Hello :wave: Welcome to the community. Sounds like you’ve got your bases covered! Thanks for sharing this with us. :wink:

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In my case I have the black metal card and the pride one and depending of the situation I use one or another, then I just use a virtual card for Apple Pay/Google Pay, another virtual card for online payments, and yet another virtual one for sites that I don’t trust enough but I still trust, like a friends Amazon account. Well, I also carry another local bank card and the food allowance from work to pay at restaurants.

The reason for using separate cards is to categorize online, mobile and physical payments, one with each card.


@endernull Sounds like you’ve got every spending scenario categorized and covered. :sunglasses:

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I’m only missing a card with higher fees for the merchant (like Amex) for use in places where they are rude with me :rofl::smiling_imp:


I have a few:
Virtual Mastercard: used for most transactions
Metal: About to get one
Plastic Visa: for physical use
Google Pay
Google Play: I’m using it to register to Google Play while in Mexico
Virtual 2: For transactions that I don’t mean to revert but ones that require a non-single-use card.


That seems like a plan @Eudes. :smile:

Wow!!! Everything is planned @MarkoSkace. Thanks for sharing that with us. :hugs:

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