How many cards can be registered to an account

How many cards can be registered to an account can I have 2 so my partner can have one in the USA?

The max is 2 physical cards, so yes.

Alternatively, you could give your spare Revolut card to a relative; you would effectively have a joint account.

Thank you do you know how I request a second card, I have asked the online help facilitiy but they have not responded yet. I cannot seem to find a ‘button to press’ on the app that allows me make that request.

Thanks again.

Does anyone know how you can have a joint revolut account i.e. top up from one source and both withdraw using different phones from the same account. Ideally add a kid to the same account and have them use the app too. I would like all the spending summarised for the family in one place - not separate accounts.

You can get a card for a kid with junior, but Revolut doesn’t offer shared accounts yet. A group feature was announced in today’s blog post (see their official blog, the post about the redesign). That might work for you. But there’s no information about when this new group feature will become available.

and don’t forget the new T&Cs from August which limits the exchanges on an account from one currency to another (say £ to €) which might mean that two separate accounts where you can make transfers in the same currency between them might be more appropriate to your needs and then you could have a card on each account :wink:
Other than that, might there be issues with using a card in someone else’s name and signature on the back? It seems here in France that it doesn’t matter (other than the issuer’s T&Cs which might expressly forbid allowing others to use your card) but in some places it might be significant.

It’s not just an issue. It becomes a violation of T&Cs real quick. Disclosing PIN numbers to any third party isn’t allowed, for example.

I presume then @mirron post here is intended to reflect that only the account holder can have multiple cards and does not infer rights to pass the card and PIN to a 3d party in that case.

You can still read the blog post. But Revolut changed the article, the quote is no longer there.

thank you to you both