How long verification takes?


I am waiting for verification since 24 hours ago… is this normal? :zipper_mouth_face:

Support simply doesn’t work.

My (not so) “good” old bank is waaaaay faster.



Hey @chrisc :wink:

Yes, the verification process is usually almost instant, but it might become stuck in some instances :slight_smile:
Consider asking @AndreasK or, else, asking :r: through Twitter:


thank you Julio.

Honestly i don’t like to manage money with a platform/app that has almost no support.
( till now, zero support through app)

This delay is just embarrassing…

Thank you for answering and have a good day :sunny:


well , i cannot transfer money to my bank as they do not finish verification.

Please @AndreasK consider my verification, as i want to quit asap.

…or just refund my “top-up” through credit card and close my account.


I have the same problem. @AndreasK can you verify my account. I have funds there and I would like to use them asap.



Guys, did any of you get any feedback from Revolut? Cant reach them…


hi there,

I also have the same problem, I have sent information to verify account and release my deposit.

@AndreasK can you help with this matter asap



I’m now at day 7 of source of funds verification. No reply from support… @AndreasK help please?


I received a useless and generic response on twitter and nothing else.

i see someone is at day 7…
this is just incredible.

@AndreasK please, tell us something different from… “just wait” Thank you


Have the same problem, chat is not answer
Please verify or refund, thank you


Weird… I signed up a week ago and it all went through in about 7 hours…


you were lucky :smile:


Still no news.
Contact trough Twitter was useless …
@AndreasK did not answer
Support trough app does not work

Is this Revolut a FRAUD?


I was travelling and ask my sis to open account back in italy
from 9th today 4 days gone
she send so many documents and people reply after 4-5 hr and disappear
3 people 3 time document send and still stuck
@AndreasK you said staff looking into it.
4 days almost, same story
Her ability to ask on community also stopped
What use of license if cant handle basic simple verification
I joined from May this product for travelling
Things are going downhill


They finally did it
My docs are verified.
I transfered my money away because
(I hope transfer works…)

Customer support is deadly slow and i do not trust revolut for anything serious

Adios revolut


Hi, @AndreasK, I have same issue like other users in this thread. I have decided to use Revolut as I thought and I was told that everything goes smoothly. It was like that until verification. I have submitted passport and my selfie and got after few minutes sms that photo quality was not good. Is that sent by bot or real people reviewed it? Then I was offered to upload from my phone, I did that and still nothing happened. Bryan from your CS said he forwarded my message to other dept. Im waiting my Revolut card, I have added 50e but I can not use it until I activate profile. If that will not happen very soon then please refund the full amount back to my card. I think the support needs to be much better, especially for newcomers. You obviously have a great product, but other non-product things are also as same, if not even more important. Thanks.


It is solved. Katarzyna did a great job! Thanks. Im looking forward to receiving the card.

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