How long until my funds are reverted?

I am currently away, and when I tried to use an ATM the transaction was declined twice. Now I have no euros available. The notification keeps saying that funds will be reverted shortly but this was over 3 hours ago. Can someone tell me how long this will take?

@AndreasK maybe you can assist with telling me when I’ll get my money back.

Hi there :slight_smile:
As far i’m aware , it can take up to 7 days to get your funds.

Dear sir,

can you confirm when my payment will be processed from Revolut?

I made a large payment transfer this morning?

Please don’t hijack other people threads… :slight_smile:
Use chat support to get some news on it,don’t forget to type: **Live agent ** in chat .

I am new here. Am very concerned as have transferred a large amount of money

7 days is hardly acceptable when I have no money due to a technical issue on Revoluts side.

Well,nothing i can do :frowning:
Just a member here,don’t work for Revolut :slight_smile:
Ask support chat,maybe they can help you out :slight_smile:

I’m getting nowhere with support chat, no live agents available for over 4 hours apparently :rage:

Thats normal here :frowning:
Too many customers …

I have 10k euros stuck…

No answers . Revolut=amateurs !

Still no money back in my account. Well done Revolut.

hi, I have a similar issue, my account is locked also my funds, about 2500$. I am paying for premium and support should be 24/7 but they keep ignoring my messages.

I doubt they are ignoring you, the live agents are just swamped and they will have a queue they work through. It’s not surprising - they are expanding rapidly and it’s easier to scale tech rather than people

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Hi @Kxss. As I can see out support team has responded to your in-app messages informing you that the payments have been reverted!