How long to open a business account?

I have just applied for a business account and currently at position 455.
Had assumed the process would be a seamless as the process for opening a personal account.
I would like to know what the average processing time looks like, days, weeks or months?

A long time, I started at about 350 over a month ago and despite going down to 150 or so am now at 255.
Was going to change from Barclays but delay is making me reconsider.

Hello all!

Onboarding time actually depends on the complexity of the application and it may take from 24 hours to couple of business days.
If all of the required documentation is in place at the time of submitting the application it should not take long for our team to review it. Please note that it might be required to provide some additional supporting files and it may affect turnover time.
I can assure you that we do our best to get you on board as quickly as possible so please check your business chat inbox for the latest update on the process!

Best regards,

Rafael, I have found your services exceptional, with the exception of occasional slow responses from the the customer services desk once passed on to a real human. I was therefore surprise by some of the remarks on this forum about the process taking months.

I can confirm although I was at queue position 444, I provided all the documents requested and as a result, received a request for further clarification via the chat forum within 24 hours. I have since responded to that request and now hoping I will be on-boarded today. My only anxiety is that I did not receive confirmation that my feedback via chat had been received and whether or not it is sufficient.