How long ’til top-up to cleared?

I wired bunch of money to my Revolut account. The top-up is correctly represented on my account (so the transfer went through there is no problem with Revolut matching the transfer to my account) but it is listed in ‘pending’ state.

What I’m wondering is why, how long till the top-up is reflected on my account and most importantly is there something I can do to speed up the process.

As suggested in a few threads, I’ve tried going to ‘Verification & limits’ screen but there is no option to verify anything. I’ve provided my passport during account creation so I’m guessing I have made all the verification possible.

However, on that ‘Verification & limits’ page I’ve noticed that my top-up was actually above the limit. I’m a bit confused whether that limit applies to transfers or credit-card payments only though.

Does anyone has any explanations to the above?

usually it takes couple of hours of you are based in UK and do a normal transfer but it could take up 10 working days … (I have read this somewhere but I dont remember where sorry!)

The transfer was from Switzerland but as far as I can see it has reached Revolut, so at this point the whole delay seems to be on Revolut’s side.

You might want to check out the FAQs about the annual top up limit. When hitting that limit, you need to verify the source of funds as described in the FAQs. If you’ve found already the screen where your personal yearly top up limit is mentioned, you should see a big red button to start the verification process on that same page. Until verification, funds can’t be accessed.

Unfortunately, there is no such button. Hence my question and confusion.

Hey @mina86 :slight_smile:

Then you will have to manually go to the support chat (More tab, then click Support and then live chat), type dive agent and ask which documents are required for your limit to be increased :wink:

If they transfer you to another department and the chat seems to freeze, don’t worry, you’re in a virtual queue and your chat will be handled soon (hours probably).

Weirdly, previously when I’ve tried this the ‘Send’ button was greyed out and I couldn’t submit my question. This time things worked and my case is now redirected to the team responsible for annual top-up limits. We’ll see how this goes.

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Three hours later, and my top-up is cleared. \o/ I’m quite impressed by how quickly this got resolved especially since it’s Saturday. I just had to send last three payslips and limit got increased.

To recap:

  • it’s wise to check the limit before topping up,
  • the top-up limit does apply to bank transfer even though it’s not explicitly stated on support pages,
  • if ‘Verification & limits’ page does not show a big pink button at the bottom where you can ‘verify source of funds’, talk to support.