How Long Have You Been at Revolut? :r:

I love this.

The UK base really needs to up their game to gain their licence, and sort out their internal reporting to provide annual reports accurately and in time!

I’ve just requested my wage to be paid into Revolut and also have some direct debits set to it, as I have faith it won’t be too much longer before they do receive their licence.


Once they’ll gain it, I believe our account details will change to new sort codes & (maybe) account numbers :thinking:
Or not?

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I’m not too sure how that would work give it’s currently propped by Modulr. It could go it’s own way and use their own, or somehow acquire Modulr, or at least their current sortcode range revolut has.


Not necessarily. I don’t know who actually “owns” the sort code, but it’s exclusively used for Revolut business. If Revolut and ModulR were to part ways, I would assume Revolut would take over the sort code as it wouldn’t be any use to ModulR. They couldn’t repurpose it for years to come. Also Revolut can of course continue to use ModulR when they finally have their banking licence. ModulR services are not really affected by having a licence or not; it’s a bit simplified, but they only provide technical services so that Revolut doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel and can save on development resources.


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I’ve actually had my account for over 6 years now, which wasn’t an option in the poll!

I voted 4-6 years, as the closest option there.

Since my account was not an option in the poll, I’ve had it for over six years now!
As the closest option, I chose 4-6 years.
The Revolut app is still handy and is completely unmatched in the market. Good job, keep it up!


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Hi! With Revolut since 2016 :nerd_face:


Wow @Mikel, that’s quite a long time :heart: