How long for UK bank transfer to clear?


Money was transferred from a UK HSBC account to my unique Revolut details at 1320 today - how long will this take to clear into my Revolut card? Thank You


Hello @clannuisnigh,

This varies from bank-to-bank and by country.

From a UK account this usually takes 4hrs, and can take up to 1 working day. BACS payments take 3 working days.
International transfers take 1-3 working days.
Transfers from Greece typically take up to 4 working days.


@AndreasK it has already been over 4 hours so I will assume at this stage it will be Monday.

Thank’s for your quick response


It can take up to 5 days at max.

No idea why the time is varying so much sometimes. Hop it works out for you !