How is support for a Standard account?


As Revolut started to block deposits from Kraken/Bitstamp I am considering cancelling my premium plan as it kinda become worthless and wanted to know if support is also ok for standard plan (24/7 exclusive support was also important for me when choosing premium as I wanted to be able to get in contact very fast with them).
Did standard plan support solve your issues in a professional and fast way?

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Hey Dean

Premium customers get priority with Support. However the support is 24/7 for both Premium and Standard users. From the forum it seems there are still times they have a lot of requests but most of the time they should get in contact fairly quick.

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Thanks. Only used Premium and support over there usually contacted me in less than 5-10 minutes, maybe even 2 minutes sometimes… Would like to know the average times from some Standard users tho.

This forum is probably not a very reliable source for an average support time since many customers come here when support chat isn’t sufficient or when they are assigned to the team that handles ID verification and account blocks for security reasons … waiting times in these cases are vastly different, in my impression, also for premium customers by the way.