How how to start a new topic

For those who are new to this forum and looking for the “new topic” button:

It looks like you can only start new topics once you have progressed to “member” rank.

(My first hypothesis was it could be the number of badges earned but it looks like it is the rank)

The requirements for progressing to “member” rank are listed here:

However, Revolut might have modified those, so I’m not sure if this info is exactly accurate.


you just did start a new topic - this one :wink:


Right, because I just earned the capability to do so. This thread is for people who still don’t have a “new topic” button.

Needed a post to explain it :joy:


There is a link in the community FAQs as well.

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Right, except that it doesn’t mention starting new topics.

Don’t get me wrong, I am happy you’re posting this here. Everything helpful is good. :+1:

(But I do think not being able to start a topic is implicitly being mentioned: „not being able to perform certain actions“.)


Thanks for letting us know! Hopefully replying will earn me some badges!

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Was actually looking for this! Thank you for posting it!

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Thanks for posting this @johndoe179. New members who are confused about their status will find it useful.

You are absolutely right, Revolut does seem to have modified them, which makes things quite confusing for members. In the description of Discourse Trust levels, it says:

Upon transition to trust level 1, users are sent a congratulatory PM which also links to this blog post and invites the user to fill out their user profile, or start a new topic.

This is in fact partially true – you do actually receive that PM, inviting you to start a new topic. The hitch is, you can’t – I assume because Revolut has changed this.