How does one decline DCC on foreign ATMS?


So far on My travels i have not been presented with the option to decline direct currency conversion. So is there a specific menu I can choose in order to do so? Thanks in advance.

I think it depends on the ATM exactly how the menu system is designed but the DCC question seems to always pop up at some point.

See to that you understand the dialog in the machine and answer NO to any and all DCC suggestions is the only way to be safe it seems.

I have seen a lot mentioned about European ATMs showing get that option, however here they dont. Maybe it’s because I select savings account? I’m presented with checking, savings, credit. Account. Is that why?

That’s great advice. Thanks I will try that one :grinning:

it would be nice if one could set the card to reject payments unless made on the local currency


Absolutely! Someone already suggested that a year ago but nothing so far :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Regulations require that a choice is given, to accept DCC or not, but the opportunity to reject is sometimes not easily visible. And often if you reject, a second screen asks if you are sure, with some kind of spurious ‘warning’.

Do not accept anything where an amount in GBP and an exchange rate is shown, look for the button, perhaps at a lower corner of the screen, ‘Without Conversion’ or ‘No’ or some similar negative. Continue to reject a second time if necessary.

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I got hit with that today . Im in ireland with my Revolute card address here, buying from a local merchant , €500. He’s reputable , I know him . The transaction was carried out over the phone and he typed the details into the car machine , I got hit with €524 euros , which luckily didnt proceed , as I just had €505 euros in the euro balance, no sterling balance .

The problem is the merchant said there was no warning , and I received no warning , had I had sufficient balance, I would have lost 24 euros to unnecessary currency conversion

This all relates to the Revolute card been seen as a " foreign " card. In most local retailers, there si no problem , its just in some

There must be a solution