How does Disposable Virtual card work with Preauthorisations?


Recently, I tried using the Disposable Virtual card with my Premium account.

There was a 1GBP pre-auth but then the subsequent payment was declined (it was certainly not due to lack of funds). My questions are as follows:

  1. Did the main payment fail because the pre-auth had already used the card and then it became invalid after this?

  2. How would the pre-auth get reverted on a disposable card? I have waited over 10 days and the payment has still not been reverted (it never took this long on any other card, including virtual).

  3. Does the disposable card even work at all now that it starts with 4165?
    There is another thread related to this here: Disposable Virtual Cards not accepted, but Virtual Cards are accepted!

At the moment I’m reluctant to use the disposable card until I can get answers to these questions.
For now, a better strategy seems to be setting up a normal Virtual card for a specific vendor and then freezing the card the moment the transaction goes through (assuming there is no pre-auth which needs to be reverted).

I really like the ability to create arbitrary numbers of Virtual cards for different vendors (and name the card to identify the vendor). The fact that you can freeze the card at any time makes it useful for trial subscription offers and for stopping auto-renew for regular subscriptions (e.g. in cases where you’re unaware of auto-renewal or simply forget to cancel).

This was one of the main justifications for me going Premium (not the mythical airport lounges!) but it would be nice if I could trust the disposable cards also.


I would say it doesn’t.


Amazingly enough, my reverted payment on the disposable finally came through!?!


The whole idea about disposable cards is to use it only once and dispose of it, meaning you had your one-time use with the preauthorisation. While refunds back to the card will be processed even if the card has been disposed. For preauth payments use your regular cards plastic or virtual.


Well, refunds will always work. :r: can track the card and the payment.

I used disposable virtual cards and I think the pre-auth was recognized as such. Yet I am not :100:% sure.


I just tried it in a webshop. Pre-auth destroyed the card because PayPal Plus wants to have the 1£|1$. Somehow depressing. :joy:


But my concern is - how do you know if a vendor is going to issue a preauth charge before attempting to use the card? If I have to assume that every software vendor or online subscription will do so, then it makes no sense having it, as I will always need to use a standard Virtual card instead, just to be sure the payment is accepted.

I see now that the preauth ultimately gets reverted, but it took quite a long time for me and I’d rather not have to worry about tracking preauth reversions for purchases that failed anyway.


Info: just used one with CyberghostVPN. Pre-auth 0£/€, payment accepted. :hugs: I did remember it correctly.


To me it looks like they’ve made adjustments to how disposable cards handle pre-authorizations. They are no longer destroyed after a pre-authorization. I vaguely remember a statement on twitter that confirmed this.


Good news if true. This issue had stopped me using them.