How do we use Turbo Transfers

Do anyone knows how to use turbo transfers ?
I am a premium user and it suppose to be free but I can’t seem to find where to ask for the option.

can anyone help me on the matter ?

Thanks a lot

Hey there @Gabdraima :slight_smile:

Once you’re a :crown:Premium user, all the possible transfers will be turbo transfers and confirmed as such without any action from your side :wink:


So you say that no matter what I do, it will automatically be a turbo transfer ?

thank you for your prompt response

Hola de nuevo @Gabdraima :slight_smile:

At least that’s my personal experience, yes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I don’t know if there are any exceptions, but I didn’t find one yet :smile:

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ok cool !

good to know !

thanks for your help !


So does that mean that by sending money with turbo you will receive the money the same day on the other sepa account?

No, @jbsan.
One working day most of the cases.

Well in this case there is no need for turbo transfer since a payment in euro sepa takes one working day.

Hey @jbsan :slight_smile:

SEPA Transfer made from your IBAN and not through The Currency Cloud are normal SEPA transfers that :r: also calls Turbo Transfers, I believe :wink: