How do we get customer support?


I’ve tried the support tool in the app - Rita is less than useless and I need a human to help me. Asking for a live agent places the support channel into a state where only a live agent can then respond, and this typically takes hours and hours. So far, I’ve been waiting over 2 hours this morning - no response at all.

I’ve tried tweeting to get attention

I’m trying this in the probably vain hope that anyone at Revolt will read it.

Having an online banking facility doesn’t mean that you can sit back and ignore you users. If you want them to communicate with you online - great - but make it actually possible.

People won’t have confidence in your product if they don’t think they can get a good response to a problem. Many will be using your product while travelling abroad and the last thing they need is to be waiting hours and hours for support.

Having an account that offers foreign currency at inter-bank rates is only any good if you can actually make use of it. If I use my normal bank, I do have to pay poorer transfer rates. But I get customer service in minutes, if I need it. Maybe it’s worth the extra money.