How Do I Update My Phone Number on the App?

Hello all - I’m new to Revolut and I’m trying to change my phone number but it says my phone number is already registered? I used my wife’s number to get the activation code and I seem to be ‘locked out’ from changing it to my personal number? Can anyone help? Many thanks!

Could it be that you already used that number once?

Alwssandro - yes - it comes up saying ‘Phone Number has already been registered. Please use a different number or sign in’ - but I am signed in. Does this mean my account will now be locked to my wife’s phone number? This could get frustrating?

Well, in whose name is the account you are logged in with? Your wife’s or your own? If there is already a number associated with an account you’d simply need to login with that number instead of registering a new one.

Alessandro, thanks for replying so quickly! The account is in my name - as in my email and name but with my wife’s number. I’ll try logging in again.

In that case there might be two accounts in your name. The current one with your wife’s number and a previous one with your own. Do you remember having registered one earlier with your own number?

Best thing might be to contact Revolut’s support, they should be able to sort that out.

Contact them - I think so, yes, when I set up my account I did not have access to texts just wifi - so I send the code to my wife’s number to set me up! Now I’m logging in using my number and trying to link my existing card and it won’t let me - so yes, I think I’m ‘stuck’ in a loop of having 2 accounts! One that is fully verified as I have the Revilute VISA card - one account that is a mere phone number!

I can only contact Revolut if I’m a Premium Customer? I’m not at the moment!

No, you can contact them with a standard account as well. Only thing is, their response times are somewhat … long :wink:

Maybe @AndreasK can sort it out quicker. Can you drop him a private message with both phone numbers?

Thanks! I’ll try this!

Hey! I’ve sent you a direct message :slight_smile:

Hello, how do I update my phone no pls? Thanks a lot,