How do I unsubscribe from a subscription?


Let’s say I subscribe to a monthly subscription service somewhere.

How can I cancel the future payments going through if I want to cancel membership?
Assume that I don’t want to rely on unsubscribe from the service itself.



You could use a virtual card and unblock it only when you need it. So any attempt to charge the card will fail, while the card is blocked.


Virtual card…? What’s that and how do I get?
Very interested. Please tell me more.

The service I subscribed to looks all OK and genuine - but didn’t want to take chances!
On Paypal for example, you can cancel. Just wanted to know if I could cancel from Revolut?


In the app you can swipe left on the cards to add a virtual Visa card to your account. That feature is free for premium user, I think, and costs a few euro for the others. Best is to check the faq.


Never seen that before!
Just found it.
Why have you guys been hiding!?
OMG… how amazingly useful!

  • I didn’t know I could order a new physical card for the same price!