How do I unblock my card?

Hi there,

I called customer services as my phone got stolen and can’t use the app. But they just blocked my card. How can I unblock it?

Contact customer support within app ,and type Live agent to be transfered to agent .
Phone number you called is to block card only :slight_smile:


I can see you card fully active!

Hi I have block my card abroad, can you please help my to unblock?

I can see your card fully active. It seems you are entering the incorrect pin.

To retrieve your pin, go on the Revolut app --> “My Card” (Android) or “Card” (iPhone) --> “Show My Pin”

hi, i have my card blocked and its been 2 days since nobody answer me on the app. what happend?

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My Card is also frozen, however when I select ‘review transaction’ the app just shows the spinning circle and does not move on… any ideas on how to move on…?


I have thesame problem since a week. Revolut blocked my card and noone has been responding in the live chat. Can someone please address these issues from Revolut, @AndreasK???

Hi, I have opened a chat in the app 3 days ago to unlock my card and have had no reply. I need this rectified as soon as possible. Thanks

Have you tried to type: " Live agent" ?

hi have problems me online is not working now can you open my online can have acces to me online

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Hello andreask is not orking my acount bank

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I don’t think it makes a difference… i have been typing “live agent” every day all February :joy:

My card is blocked. When I try to unblock, only a circle rotating appears. Any help, please?

Did you also write down what the problem is before doing so? I have a feeling that this helps to evaluate the priorities in their queue.

Yes. The best option is to provide all informations for them so that an agent can solve the problem without getting back to one.


i wrote down everything and i sent all documents which i assume they need, but no communication since 19 hours ago!

I have the same problem. Nobody help me

Hi everyone,

I received the following text message from a sender called “RevolutUK”:

Your account has been locked, please verify your identity at the following URL:

However, when I open the Revolut app I don’t see anything about my account being locked, so I assume that the message I received is just a scam?

My apologies for slightly derailing this thread––I wasn’t able to access customer service so I created this community account just now, but it seems I don’t yet have the trust level to create my own post.

Thank you in advance.

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Hi, my account was blocked yesterday after I made a payment by phone. From 10am yesterday I couldn’t use my account. If you can help me it will be great. Thanks