How do I send money from Revolut to an external bank account? 🏦

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Did you know that, in just a few simple steps, you can transfer money from your Revolut account to your external bank account, or someone else’s? As always, we’ve got you covered with the steps!

How do I make a bank transfer? :man_shrugging:t6:

To transfer money from Revolut to a new recipient in-app:

  1. Select Payments
  2. Tap + New
  3. Choose Bank recipient for local transfers or Send international for cross-border transfers
  4. Follow the prompts to enter the information and complete your transfer

After you’ve chosen the person you’re sending money to and selected the currency and amount, you can add your personalised reference in the Reference field.

Good news! Your new recipient’s bank details will be saved automatically, so you won’t need to enter them the next time you want to send them money.

How much time will my transfer take? :stopwatch:

Transfer times depend on a few factors, like the external bank, the country you’re sending money to, and the currency. We’ll always show you the ETA in-app before you send a bank transfer. To learn how to track your transfer, you can check out this FAQ.

What are the fees for transfers? :thinking:

The fees depend on which region your Revolut account belongs to. For more information see this FAQ.

What account details do I need to send a bank transfer? :spiral_notepad:

The account details you’ll need to enter will depend on the recipient’s currency and country. To view them in-app:

  1. Select Payments
  2. Tap + New
  3. Choose Bank recipient
  4. You’ll be asked to enter the information required to complete your transfer

For more help with account details, you can refer to this FAQ.

What are the limits for sending bank transfers? :warning:

Limits depend on the destination, country, and currency of the transfer. Most currencies don’t have any transfer limits. Not to worry, before you send money in-app, we’ll let you know if there are any exceptions.

You can send larger amounts of money in the same way you would with smaller amounts. Heads up, for larger bank transfers, we might need some extra time to perform a few more checks.

Is that all clear? If you have any questions about bank transfers, why not let us know in the comments? We’d be happy to answer them. :arrow_double_down:

Please note; the info might vary depending on the user’s region. Make sure to choose the respective country before checking any FAQ link.

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Thanks :smiling_face:

Still, Revolut payee list is a mess :weary:
It should be better organised, especially if I have saved a few account details for the same person :thinking:

Good to know about bigger amount transfers as many banks are limited to £10k per day transfer limit :roll_eyes:


Hello @Remi-1 :wave: ,

Thank you for sharing your experience with us. We will share it with our team for the betterment of our services. :star:

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