How do I receive payments and transfers in my Revolut Business account? 🤔

Hi there, Revolut Community!

If you want to receive money via a payment or transfer from an external bank account, you’ll need to share your Revolut Business account details or account confirmation statement with the sender.

Where can I find my account details? :clipboard:
If you have an existing Revolut Business account, you can view your account details and documents in-app. To view your account details:
Go to Home on the bottom menu > tap your Profile (top-left icon with your initials or picture) > Account > All accounts > choose your account

If you’re receiving a SWIFT or international transfer, you’ll need to follow the same process above and select the SWIFT tab.

To download your account confirmation statement:
Go to Home on the bottom menu > tap your Profile (top-left icon with your initials or picture) > Account > Documents > choose your account > Account confirmation > download the document

How do I receive money in a new currency? :currency_exchange:
If you don’t have a currency account for the currency in which you need to receive money, you’ll need to create one:
Go to Home on the bottom menu > tap … More > Add new account > Currency account > choose your currency

Your new currency account will be available in the Home tab, under Accounts. Simply tap Details to view your currency account details and documents.

If you’d like to learn about supported currencies and unsupported countries for Revolut Business payments and transfers, check out [this Community post](INSERT LINK).

:triangular_flag_on_post:Please remember, to access Revolut Business account details and create new currency accounts, you must be the admin of the account, or the admin has granted you the necessary permissions.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comments below! :arrow_down:

Pere | Community Business Team