How do I pay for things using Revolut?



I have topped up my account with more than enough money, and am trying to book a flight online ($855). When I book it, the amount comes out of my Revolut account (there are sufficient funds as a small balance remains in the account after the payment) but the airline’s website gives me the message:

Please try again
We are sorry but your payment process was unsuccessful due to incorrect data. Please check all data you filled in and retry. (3001)

By the next day the money will be back in my account. My card is NOT frozen. I don’t see any other error messages in my account.

Can anyone help as to what the issue might be?

Unfortunately I can’t see any customer service options for revolut so I am posting this here. This is my only working debit card so I am kind of relying on Revolut… Also urgency is appreciated as the cost of the flight has already increased $100 since I first purchased.



It might be the billing address. Make sure you’re using exactly the same billing address at the merchant’s website.


Or possibly the travel site does not accept prepaid cards.


Update: I have since tried to use my Revolut card for a range of purpose. More than 50% of them have been rejected despite having a sufficient balance. If I cannot even buy things with my card, it makes the whole thing a huge waste of time


And to top it off Revolut does not seem to offer any kind of support service other than this forum that no-one answers. What a shitshow .


This is actually the community and not an official support channel. Have you even tried their support chat? And did you make sure to get past the chatbot?


Yes I actually tried that when I first got the problem. Took about 30 minutes and the guy eventually told me he had no idea what the problem was, which wasn’t so helpful. Also, the chat is far from ideal as I need wifi (which I rarely have while out and about) and it is a pain typing on a tiny phone. Would be much easier to call or use a desktop