How do I get to the end of topic

How do I get to the end of a topic that’s 1500 posts long?

On a desktop browser, grab the scroll bar on the right and scroll down easily.


I’m on an iPhone?

On the right side of the topic in the list view of topics (like going to latest topics list) you see the count of messages and below the time since the last post.
Hit the time and your there. Hit the number of posts and you’re presented with the option to go to the first or last message.
At least on Android with Chrome this works.

In the first post tap “last reply”

Just click on the last reply button nex to reply, views and users.

I’m somewhere in the middle of a 1500 post thread. I don’t see any of the options you guys are taking about on an iphone. There seems no logical way to jump to the start or end.

On Android when you scroll down (so move your finger up) in the topic, the title of the topic appears at the top of the page. When you click on this title you will be taken to the first post.

This is post 1. How do I get to post 1500?

Click on ‘last reply’-‘button’ (at the bottom of post 1).

As also explained here:

and here:

I can see (just) at the bottom of your screenshot you have this option on your iPhone.

If your are in a list of topics you have additional ways:

On the Apple Pay topic, right, tapping on the 2.3k gives you an additional menu where you can choose to go to the first or last post:

If your tap on the 3m you go directly to the last post.

Tapping on the title brings you to the last read post plus 1.

Thank you. Finally found how to do it.

Get flicking that finger.