How do I get my money back into my bank account?


I’ve made an account, deposited money into it and now I’m being told I need a valid ID to use the money. My passport is out of date so I don’t have any ID. How do I get my money back into my bank account?


How about driving licence?


I don’t have any kind of ID that isn’t expired


Hey @kells117 :slight_smile:

I guess the wisest option (not only related to :r:) is to renew your IDs. If that’s not possible for some reason, or you somehow signed up against the TOS (with an incorrect name, being underage…), you’re unlikely to get a solution here in the forum, and I’d recommend clearly explaining the problem to the in-app support team typing live agent in the Support chat. You can find it in the More tab of the app


Regulation known as KYC (Know Your Customer) doesn’t allow to establish relationships in that case.


Tried typing live agent and haven’t gotten a reply in days. If they had informed me I need an ID to use my money I never would have deposited it into the app but that wasn’t made clear. Renewal of ID would take a few months and I can’t wait that long


This is somehow like saying that if you had been informed about the requirement of a driver’s license to drive a car, you’d had never bought a car.