How do I find my IBAN in the app?

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I am new to Revolut, and am trying to find my Euro IBAN address in the app. So far all I can find is my account number in the statements. Need to give this to employers.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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From the accounts tab swipe left to right till you get to euro screen then click on the figure (in the middle of the blue)

be careful as you’ll have a “local” IBAN with your name for recieving payments from euro countries (SEPA) and another IBAN under Revolut’s name for SWIFT/EUR transfers from non-euro countries.

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I cant get my IBAN number, I’ve tried following your instructions but I’ve been unable to find myIBAN number

its different now now, the link you tagged is 3 years ago!

  • click on your avatar top left of screen
  • scroll down to Account details
  • select the currency you are interested in
  • hey presto!

I have my main Business Revolut account in the USA, but when I look at my Euro account I do not see an IBAN number. Under details all I have is an Account number that is 12 digits long and a SWIFT / BIC that is 8 digits long it says the Bank Address is in the UK.

How do I find the IBAN for this Euro account? I have looked all over the app and the browser based app.

If the account you are looking at is UK Sterling currency account, there is no IBAN associated with it (because Sterling is not the Euro currency) but you will find an IBAN associated with a € (EUR) currency account.

Click on the 3 dot menu to see the account details (this is not the Business App).

Thank you very much for your reply. The account that I am looking at is in Euros, it does not have an IBAN. The screenshot below is from our Business Revolut, I get very similar results when I look at my personal Revolut. Does anyone know how I can get an IBAN number?

are you saying that the 3 dot menu signalled by an arrow in my graphic (cribbed from yours) does not contain the IBAN? Click on that and select Details from the options.


Yes, exactly my screenshot above is from after I click on the 3 dots and select “Details”

I really do appreciate your help, but this is quite frustrating. Thanks.

My guess is that you only get an IBAN if you have an European account with Revolut.

I cant imagine why that would be the case, but yes, it seems like you are right Regalia. Is there no way to contact Revolut to find out how to get an IBAN?

So to sum up: If I want to pay for my internet service in Germany (which can only be paid by an account with an IBAN), I cannot use Revolut because my main Revolut account is in the USA, and my Revolut sub-account which is in Euros does not have an IBAN number. This really limits the value of Revolut to me. If anyone out there knows how to help me with this situation, I am all ears.

Thanks for your help everyone. :pray:

If you select to print a statement from the same screen, does the paper document produced as a result not contain the information? (mine does)

IBAN is just an international standard to format account numbers. Developed by international banks, now standardised as an ISO, and then adopted by many.

If you know an account no. and a bank identifier, you can find out how to write the same information as an IBAN, which „just“ combines separate informations like account identifier and bank branch identifier into one string.

The puzzle here is that they’re not giving you a bank identifier besides the BIC. I would play around a little with online IBAN calculators to find out a „sort code“ associated with the BIC that you know. From there, you can generate the IBAN and then test (small amount!) if transfers to that IBAN go through.

@jambro as per the info from @Frank you might find this reference helpful.