How do I find my IBAN in the app?

Hi there,
I am new to Revolut, and am trying to find my Euro IBAN address in the app. So far all I can find is my account number in the statements. Need to give this to employers.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,

From the accounts tab swipe left to right till you get to euro screen then click on the figure (in the middle of the blue)

be careful as you’ll have a “local” IBAN with your name for recieving payments from euro countries (SEPA) and another IBAN under Revolut’s name for SWIFT/EUR transfers from non-euro countries.

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I cant get my IBAN number, I’ve tried following your instructions but I’ve been unable to find myIBAN number

its different now now, the link you tagged is 3 years ago!

  • click on your avatar top left of screen
  • scroll down to Account details
  • select the currency you are interested in
  • hey presto!