How do I create a virtual card

I have a physical card, how do I create a virtual card?

Virtual card is automatically generated and currently the numbers are the same as the physical one. Go to Revolut > Card section.


Is it possible to change the virtual card number while still keeping the physical card the same?

you have to block your card, and ask for a new one

Thanks for the reply, shame really, would be great if they could evolve separately for online payments.

I’ve requested that on another suggestion

Hi @Sim2K,

Your physical card is your virtual card as well. You cannot have two cards, one physical and one virtual. If you want to get a virtual card then you need to block your physical one and then reissue a new virtual card.

I bought one physical card and later one virtual
But the physical is not arrived
Can i deleted the vitual and use the physical?

I thought that if we are a premium member we can create unlimited virtual cards. Does that mean that I can keep the current physical card and create unlimited virtual cards or they come hand in hand?

Did you contact our support team so we can take a look at what’s going on?

You can create up to 5 virtual cards, premium accounts do not need to pay for the cards.