How do I change the registered address for my Revolut card


We have moved house, I put the new address under personal details but payments are failing because of the billing address. Is there something else I need to do or does this just take some time to register?

Hello @paul50,

As I can see you have verified your account so you’re not able to change your personal information. To do it, you’ll need to contact our in-app support and provide a proof of address of your new address.

Please let me know if you have further enquiry.


Andreas K.

Why is a proof of address required in case of verified account, if one does not need it to verify the account in the first place (id/passport is sufficient)?

Because if you haven’t verified your account yet then you can change the address by yourself. However, once you verified it we require a proof of address.

Sorry, that does not answer my question.

The question was: address is not checked for during ID verification; so why is it possible to change it multiple times before carrying the ID verification out, and then the address on record is taken for granted? At the same time, verified customers need a proof of address to change it (while their old address on the record might not even be genuine in the first place, as it was never verified…) Makes no sense to me.

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That’s Revolut Policy @milos. Once you have verified your account we require proof of address to change your address. Even if you want to change your name, you need to provide a further valid confirmation.

Revolut’s policy - ok I can take that.

Makes sense - no.

How often do people change their name? Most never.
Does Revolut compare the name on the ID with the name on the record during ID verification? Yes.
Does Revolut ask for proof of address during ID verification? No.

Bad example, really.

After verified your account we trust that all the info provided are true and legal. Therefore, we require proof of address to change it.

And of course people change their names or other personal information. A simple example, you change your surname after marriage.

You should trust only the information you have verified.

Thank you @milos for taking the time to provide your feedback. We’ll take your feedback on board :r:

Hello, I changed the adress of my bank account in UK. Now the adress is in France. But the problem now is I can’t put my new adress in the card details on the revolut app. I can only put an english adress. Because when I am putting my full french adress. The adresse is cut… So it’s not matching with the same bank details in UK.

Thank you in advance


I also need to change my adress as i am on a waiting list.

could you please help me