How do I change the name of my account to match my coinbase account?

As from an already-existing question, it would be nice to see the answer to this “solved” question.

My coinbase account has my middle name in it, where as my Revolut app doesn’t. Coinbase says…

This name must match the bank account name
Coinbase cannot process deposits for accounts that have different names.
How can I go about fixing this?


Hey @kjnfgjh :slight_smile:

The answer remains the same, the in-app support team is able to do so. You can reach them by clicking **Support ** in the More tab of the app and typing live agent :wink:

You’ll need to provide a valid ID for them to process the change.


There is no answer to the previous question, hence why I had to ask again.

Hey @kjnfgjh :slight_smile:

It was previously answered here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I quoted this one -> I need to change my name on Revolut and I'm already verified. I've asked support but no one has got back to me in 12 + hours.

That was the one that popped up after my googling.

Probably best if you consolidate them.

Anyway… Cheers.

Hi there. Are you able to reach me via DM, I can help you out.

Hi AndreasK! Can you help me with a name change? Your support in the app is non-existent. Thanks.

Hey. As I can see our support team has responded to your in-app request. Could you please get back to us via in-app chat.

Hi Andreas, would you be able to send me a PM please? I am having the same problem