How do I cancel my premium subscription?


I accidentally subscribed to your premium sevice and require a cancellation.

I followed instructions to reply to your support bot and instruct cancellation. After 3 attempts i was told that someone would contact me in 9 minutes.
My premium account is still active.

Please cancel my account with immediate affect.

Thank you.


Hi there. Looks like you’ve managed to cancel your premium membership!



In line with the chain of mails, I want to cancel my Premium account (montly plan). I have alread been charged 6.99 even before the 14 days period.
I have used a premium service, Fx transaction, and I see on the terms&conditions that if cancelled before the 14 days, Revolut will issue a partial refund based on the use of the Premium services. Which I read as deduct money. I have not ordered a premium physical card, have the normal standard card.
Is there any money going to be deducted from my account because I used the mentioned service? How do I know how much exactly?

If I cancel Premium after the 14 days (montly plan) - Will I be charged £6.99 + £14?