How do I add my bank current account to top up?

Sorry new to this. I’ve set it up with my credit card. But I would like to add my bank current account to top up?

It’s the other way round. You make a bank transfer from your bank to Revolut. Use corresponding account details for each currency. You can find the account details via more, profile, account details.

Hi Frank, I don’t want my credit card to top up my revolut account. I also cannot delete this linked card and link new current account.

There is no acount linking :wink: Just make a regular bank transfer. I my earlier post, I wrote where you can find the necessary bank details.

So you cannot make normal online payments to Revolut account. I don’t understand the initial top up when you first install the app, the money was paid from my credit card.

Honestly, I don’t know what you want to do. You can either top up via cards in real time or via regular bank transfers. And you said you don’t want to use a card but your account. So you need to make a bank transfer.

Thanks. It’s just that I’ve set the app up with my credit card and topping revolut account with it will incur bank fees as they treat the transaction as cash one. So I wanted to add my current account for topping up.
Thats all.
Again sorry for being ignorant.

You are funny.

There is no way to add a bank account for top ups.

When you don’t want to use a card, make a bank transfer.

Or maybe use a debit card?

Hi @dyamzChe. In the app tap More–Profile–Account Details to find the currency account details for top-up. You can then use these details to make a transfer to your Revolut account.

New to Revolut and was just wondering is there anywhere I can go or any way possible u can top up revolut with cash ?

No this is not possible.

Cash top-up’s in theory possible via 3rd party solutions (like paysafecard), but you will lose money that way (all those services take hefty commisions).