How can we make revoult better

Think about the post in the section “HELP I CANT LOGIN IN MY ACCOUNT!”. Everyone the same, the couldn’t use the account neither chat nor phone revoult.

How about doing a type of 2FA with button in the lock screen of the account that send you an email or sms or an url that you need to visit as when you make some transactions on the app of revoult, that unlock the access only to support to try to solve your issue.

Maybe that would help a lot of new users with the application when they got locked for some reason.

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Being able to mark the metal plan monthly fee as a subscription payment.


When will you enable payments via the desktop web?

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How about introducing a Customer Service department - where people can actually get answers to the many issues that arise. Radical I know but worth a thought.


Trading needs improvement. Add stop-loss, autoprofit taking, etc. Need more tickers, add some sort of request section. 2020 was the best year for the stock market and we couldn’t take full advantage of it in Europe. Implement more features like Robinhood has (options/or at least CDFs) and more people will migrate to Revolut, potentially convert them to banking services as well.


Another radical idea:
A massive change log should be released after each version and beta version.
Now I search what the hell changed, is there a new function?


This is a sensible suggestion. I find myself stumbling around trying to find what was once obvious.
Frequently I give up looking and wait until a comment in this forum leads me to what I was looking for.


Timely action by Revolut.

Just received an email they will be locking everyone in Belgium out of their trading account at the end of the year. Apparently it’s due to brexit…
It has been more than 3 years coming, and with 2 days to go they pull this nonsense.

EDIT: Also Italy and Germany


Honestly it’s big BS. 3 days notice knowing that you will obviously be charged for reselling.

What I didn’t catch is… If I decide not to sell them and wait 6 months, 1 year, or more :woman_shrugging::thinking: for revolut to put the service back… Will my stocks still be there? I wasn’t sure reading the email. They were only really clear about reselling them. Not even proposing other solutions for us.

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As I understand it, the stocks will be held but you can’t sell them.
Unless you contact support to close your entire trading account, in which case they will sell all your assets at market rate.

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Bring back the ability to search for different gifs

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Same here. It’s not fair that android users can’t search for gif’s anymore while ios users still can :cry:

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Giving numbered request tickets for whoever has a complaint, and every now and than give an update to the ticket, instead of the chat, bumping into one of the operators who prefers a nice chat instead of taking the clients request serious/urgent is nor pleasant nor satisfactory in any way. My experience with the service is by far unacceptable, giving your prestige.

Here are some suggestions, mostly related to trading trading

  1. Allow purchasing of ETFs similar to Robinhood in the States
  2. Allow Dividend reinvesting (DRIP)
  3. Allow Bitcoin/other crypto sharing between platforms.

Don’t know what everyone else thinks of Revolut metal card, it feels like a gimmick that loses its appeal after time. If I had a choice of additional account features such as an overdraft or credit facility over a metal card, I would choose the additional account features.

What are everyone else’s thoughts?

DRIP and ETF would truly make revolut the ultimate internet bank

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Make it easy to change the language. I speak and use many languages on a daily basis. I travel the world and change locations regularly and I don’t see a way how to change the language. Also, can one only quickly send money to someone if one has the user name? Why is it not possible with just the phone number?

I would like to be able to set daily balance reminder for different accounts. I would be a small scale user and only deposit a few hundred a month into my account for shopping etc. I might not use my Revolut card daily and don’t see why I should need to try and log into an app to check my account balance especially when there might be bad mobile data coverage in some places. The ability to set up an account balance daily reminder would be helpful for that situation, I know there is a low balance reminder but if you are purchasing something over 50 and can’t remember what exactly you had in your account the option of a daily reminder would be helpful.

how can you guys open threads. i don’t have the option and it really annoys me

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Can Revolut develop a brokage firm so it can be linked to seekingaplha? That would mean a lot ^^
Also, being able to invest in ETF-s and INDEX funds would be awesome! A much needed option for investors