How can we make Revolut better

Why are their no vaults in revolut business? I think this would be a great feature! I got revolut business for my business as I have a personal account and I find the vaults extremely useful and thought that it would be in the business account also but sadly it’s not

You can open several accounts in the same currency. It’s not called Vault, but one can organize money in a similar way.

How to make Revolut better? Simply. Just three words…

Way. Better. Support. :smirk:


Is it actually possible to generate a statement that includes the account details?

Great that it has the name, address and can generate monthly etc, but the account details is also a key component for verification.

Allow me to read everything about your travel insurance

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It would be useful to have trading fees listed within the trading account statement, and currently we have everything but the trading fees.

I’m seeing different profit and loss figure in the stock home page vs stock analysis page. I’m guessing is because stock page takes into account money in vs current total, while the stock analytics page shows actual equity performance. The difference between them would trading fees, dividends and custody fees.

At least that’s what I guess is happening, but can’t tell if the trading account statement doesn’t tell the whole story.


another idea: the possibility to visualize a balance as this example:
we are at 12th day of may (for example). We have 500€ on a count.
The question is: how can I spend every day? The answer is: 500/(30-12).
If Revolut can visualize this number, we can use it to lead our expenses every month.
Agli: If a spend minus that 500/(30-12), automatically Revolut can move what I didn’t spent on a money box.
This is super

May I propose an idea?
The possibility to move money from one money box to another without use the principal count?

Would be very nice to be able to display the total balance (account + stocks + …) over the time as a graph (like the total portofolio value for the stocks for example)


Make you existing services to work at least. I have no acces to my thousands of dollars that I cannot withdraw from my trade account. Chat support couldn’t help now I HAVE TO WAIT until they figure out what is wrong. So how do you call when someone does not let you to have access to your money? Stealing?


Do the same refund option like paypal.


Dear Revolut! Please please make a cooperation with paysafe and enable deposit options with paysafecard. Since there is no way to deposit cash straight in to account this would be one of the options to do so without using a bank. Thanks!

Stop unexpected account suspensions would be nice too… what if this happens when one is abroad?

Imagine while in another continent eventually…

If there are problems with an account simply give users a reasonable term to fix them/comply to your requirements…


That’s simply not an option if there’s suspicion of money laundering, for example. N26 just paid a fine of 4.25 million for being too sloppy. And financial authorities limited N26 capabilities to onboard new customers until they strengthened their compliance department.

It’s not just Revolut, other banks struggle with this as well, but might be faster in responding. When an account is under review, the bank can’t legally tell why.

I don’t think Revolut is doing a good job here, but it’s also a reality, that fintechs like N26 and Revolut are attracting users that use these platform for fraudulent transactions in large numbers. It’s a real problem.

I understand this and I could agree IF they would open a fast & efficient channel to eventually solve these issues… thing that it seems not to happen when an account is blocked for any (unknown…) reason.

We are talking of money, not chips…

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That’s why I said that I don’t think Revolut is doing a good job handling these situations.

But it doesn’t change the underlying situation. Other banks respond in similar situations with boilerplate responses like „the responsible team is looking into it“, usually also without giving a timeline and reason. It’s going to be frustrating.

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Here are my tips for Revolut:
-The Swiss site is no longer available, although in the image that appears when choosing the country there is the Swiss flag.
-The app is a bit confusing, it should be revised.
-Lacks the ability to edit your cards by inserting a png image and also to be able to edit your own virtual cards with images for free.
-For those who register in the EU you should choose whether you want the iban lt or gb.
-When I created the account in Switzerland m was given a visa card and later you can choose between visa or maestro, missing the mastercard circuit for free account.

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Yes it should be a very simple thing to include fees in statement. Fees are tax deductible and while they are small they add up and anything that legitimately reduces tax payable is good. By not including these in statement Revolut force us to manually check each transaction for relevant fees


What about opening a referral program where both parts gain bonuses?

Instead of a one-way 50 euros bonus, why don’t you consider a 15/15 euros referral program?
And please, remove the 5 friends limit, some creators would definitely bring huge numbers to revolut.


I think most of us understand the need of AML investigations, but one may also wonder why Revolut and similar neo-banks don’t handover / report their flagged cases to the relevant authorities, shifting the investigations’ burden to the local authorities and thereby preventing most of the negative reviews which result in bad reputation.

Also, why neo-banks don’t just deny suspicious transactions, instead of allowing those transactions to go through and then preventing the customers’ access to their funds ?

By withholding the customers’ funds during an arbitrary amount of time - while providing no information other than: “the account is under investigation” - leads to the suspicion that the banks may actually take financial advantage of such actions.