How can we make Revolut better

More SWIFT transferfor free, after the brexit. one per month is kind of nothing now


Whilst the Crypto trading is great via the app, I would also like to be able to access the same features via a desktop.


Well, i dont know if this is a good idea, it would be nice if it had a built in bitcoin wallet wich we can to withdraw and send money from it, and even pay in places using the bitcoins or cash. And we wanna be able to set Conditions and Rearrange the Cryptocurrency orders from the card.
Example: I Dont Have Euros But i have Bitcoins. So i click the button so i can pay using the bitcoin . if i let the Button switched on, whenever i dont have Euros, i automatically pay using Bitcoins, or monero or Ethereum. This Will Expand Revolut a lot and everyone that likes Crypto, will probably come to revolut for how easily it is to buy bitcoin and make transactions using it.

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Options trading would be great; you’d attract a huge percentage of the trading market in Europe if you manage to be the first to develop an easy to use interface for options trading.

For Revolut Trading, allow me to export my trade data as a CSV file so that I can use it for my Self Assessment Tax Return.

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A stocks and shares ISA would be a welcome addition along with;

  • DRIP
  • Index funds
  • ETFs
  • Options trading

Those would be nice additions imo.

Although i have to say that Revolut should focus on other areas first. The current customer support is still atrocious and we still don’t have a road map.

For trading:

  • ETF’s
  • More stocks! Many of the big companies are still missing

For the app:

  • Give a “ticket number” to each support request.
    Now, when support states “it should be fixed in the next update”, and it isn’t, I have to open a new chat and explain my issue all over again.
    I want to be able to say “Issue XXX from ticket XXX still exists, please fix it”
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please can revolut bring the ability to earn yield on crypto within the app. I’m a hodlr and my crypto is just sitting trapped in the app. Alternatively can you consider a wallet in the app

a loyal revolut customer

Make improvements in crypto trading in order to easily understand the amount of the gain in relation to the investments made.


Take Revolut back to what it was 4 years ago including app, services and T&Cs and you leave it like that for good without touching it.


And run into bankruptcy by burning 14.8 mio GBP? That were the results in 2017.

Then I guess their business model was garbage to begin with. Let’s see how “disruption of banking” goes with this model they are going with now. I have a strong feeling that it might not make sense for many new clients to join Revolut when comparing services with local brick and mortar banks.

That really depends. The landscape and what people pay for banking services varies a lot between countries in Europe, and worldwide. It’s expensive in one country, and a good deal in another one.

As someone who only signed up a month ago, can I ask what’s different now to 4 years ago?

For me it’s perfect as I moved to Ireland 2 years ago but still work for the same company in the U.K. I was having my salary paid into Santander and using Wise to transfer to my Irish bank.
Santander have got funny since Brexit on being a non U.K. resident so I needed to find an alternative.

Using Revolut, my salary goes in, convert £ to € and transfer to Bank of Ireland. Saving at least €30 over using Wise.

I keep a £ balance in Revolut as I go to the London office once a month.

So far it seems perfect to me. I don’t use any of the crypto or trading bits tho.


Hello, Can you add a payment description field to your business payment form? In Croatia/Serbia, for example, when we pay the electricity bill, we must state, in addition to the IBAN, the so-called payment model … for example: HR05 21102942650-621938 … this number allows you to specify the user of the service …

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Ability to check Credit Score ??

I think Revolut could do big on this, partner with a credit score provider and be able to check it in the app. A lot of people aren’t aware of their credit scores, Revolut could HELP a lot of people by doing this.

Please do it

Scheduled currency transfers

I have fixed, weekly expenses in GBP which I pay through a recurring, scheduled bank transfer. :+1: My main account, however, is in EUR so even with automatic funding my EUR balance is healthy but, I have to manually execute the EUR->GBP exchange or the recurring bank transfer fails since no GBP.

Would be great to if the same principle as applies to the debit card could also apply to bank transfers: money is taken in the currency with the largest balance and automatically exchanged to cover the scheduled transfer.

One thing I’d like to see is an overhaul to stock trading.

  1. Overall the UI for the price graphs for stocks, have it more similar to what Yahoo Finance uses, so much more information on the graph. The current design is to minimalistic and bland. Should be great if it was also applied to all other graphs.

  2. Allow better assortment of stocks, simple things like by price or by alphabetical order. Allow filters for types of stocks, such as Tech, banking etc.

(I am aware that somewhat exists already but I think it would be better if you got the option when you go to the search bar or along the top of the page you can click on little card things)

  1. Allow you to order your investments in any order you want. So you can see which is your top earning stock, worst, or if you want it in alphabetical order. It would make finding and organising a lot easier for people.

  2. Add a feature that allows you to allocate an x amount of money to predefined stocks as percentages. Similar or like the one Trading 212 offers.

(For example, I have $100 dollars and I want to invest in several companies. 20% of that $100 in Apple, 10% in Visa, 40% in Amazon and so forth. So when you add money you can choose to add it to that portfolio or just buy as you wish.)

For Crypto, I’d like to see the following:

  1. A percentage, similar to what the stocks have that shows how much your crypto has gone up or down by since you purchased it.

  2. Allow pockets to be set up for reoccurring buys of crypto. It will help people budget and how people can set aside what they need to for these purchases.

  3. Allow people to change reoccurring buys without having to delete/ deactivate the current one. This would save time having to set up a new one and remove the old one.

  4. Allow filtering of crypto so they are in order by alphabet, price etc. Also allow the person to change the order in which crypto appears in their account.

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I basically only use Revolut when I am abroad or when I buy things in other currencies than euro. I would never dare using it as my main bank account or keeping any significant amount of money in it without a proper customer service I can contact by email or phone. Especially when you hear of so many people who got their account blocked without any explanation. The current customer service by chat is pathetic.