How can we make Premium/Metal 10x better?


This, before anything else!
I get the card declined at least once a month. It can be from toll roads, restaurants, hotel websites etc. Still remember an awkward situation where I had to leave an ID and come back later to pay a bill. Extremely frustrating.


Let’s say i have 200 EUR as monthly budget for restaurants.
I go out with my friend and I pay 250€, then i split the bill with them

in my budget i see 50€ overspent on restaurants, but it’s not true since i splitted the bill with 5 other people, so i’m at 50/200 budget

would be great if you fix this :slight_smile:


I don’t think it’s possible as you technically did spend it. They couldn’t allocate it to your friend as it would break regulations, whether that be GDPR for sending data related to your purchase history or banking regulation.


Statistics is just a way to crunch numbers, it doesn’t not change anything about the transaction history and how they are kept on the ledger. PFM statistics are independent from statements, and they should take into account both + and - transactions to make sense. I don’t see how data privacy of friends is relevant here since when they pay you back, funds become available to you, so the transfer does already show up as an incoming transfer from someone. Them paying you back is a P2P transfer, executed on their end. In the statistics, it does not have to be tied to them.

This is how it could be implemented in regards of the „split bill“ feature:

  • 250 spent in category „restaurant“
  • Budget „restaurant“ shows 50 overspent
  • Bill of 250 split into 5 x 50
  • Every time some of the 5 persons pays back the owed 50, these incoming funds are also filed under „restaurant“, changing also the balance of that category’s budget
  • After everyone paid back, budget shows the correct sum

Yes but the way they work it out is based on counting MCC’s


Not exclusively. Categories can already be changed. And manual changes then affect different budgets.

SEPA transfers (all kinds, including direct debit) and P2P transactions aren’t affected by merchant codes at all. But they also can fall into the same categories. Leaving them out makes budgets less useful.

I also don’t know how the mcc of the initial transaction is a problem here: an initial payment is made and categorized. With splitting it, the incoming transactions are relational to that transaction. They could simply inherit the category of their parent transaction. No need for mccs to be involved.

If Revolut wants to offer a competitive useful PFM functionality, they should include incoming transfers in categories and figure out how to deal with split bill functionality.


Could Revolut consider altering when cashback is paid out? I have no interest in my £10 payment earning me barely anything at the second, I would rather have a lump payment at the end of the month.

Note that I’d like the cashback paid on the monthly amount spent too, not the current way calculated.

Also, perhaps you guys could do £72 cashback cap within the EU at 0.5% on Metal, then 1% no cap outside of the EU where interchange fees are higher.

I think it’s also quite disingenuous how you guys cap the payout to Europe as defined by mastercard, as opposed to the EU/EEA where interchange fees are actually capped. As such I’d like to see any non-EEA countries removed from the 0.1% payout and moved to 1% as they should be.

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Unsure whether you have Metal @Recchan but I’m guessing you don’t. Just so you know then, your cashback is credited to a Vault as transactions are settled. You can withdraw that cashback to your main card balance whenever you choose; you can leave it to accrue for the entire year if that works best for you.

The minimum amount of cashback you can earn is 1 pence (here in the UK). So even on a small £1 card spend you will earn 1p in cashback (which equates to 1%). You are better off using your card for daily spends (microtransactions) in order to maximise cashback earning potential; on larger transactions you tend to lose out a little.

If you make 40 transactions of £5 each you will have spent £200 yet earned 40p in cashback. However, if you make a single £200 transaction you’ll only earn 20p in cashback. In this part of the world sadly no one is going to get rich quick from Revolut Metal cashback!


I don’t as I don’t see why I’d want 0.1% cashback, to be honest. That’s why I suggested 0.5% with the cap within EEA and then 1% outside of it.

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Why would you want this? Currently, if I make 100 transactions for £1 each, I get £1 cashback (100 x 1p). If it was calculated as a percentage of the monthly spend I’d get £0.1 (0.1% of £100).


My brain did a bad and I assumed it’d work out the same if calculated monthly

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For me it would be 0.5% cashback within Europe with a moderate cap and 1% elsewhere unlimited. Or perhaps even a 0.25% in Europe with a £100 annual cap in Europe and 1% unlimited elsewhere.

Also being able to top up with American Express would make Metal more than 10x better, 100x even.


It’ll happen after 2020 I believe (American Express interchange fees will be called to the same extent visa and Mastercard is)

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Could you please share a source for this info?


(at least regarding capped fees, which does not apply for all AMEX cards)

Judgement of the court


Hey, how does Revolut give you 0.5% in Europe when he gets 0.2%?

  1. Payment service providers shall not offer or request a per transaction interchange fee of more than 0,2 % of the value of the transaction for any debit card transaction. Payment service providers shall not offer or request a per transaction interchange fee of more than 0,3 % of the value of the transaction for any credit card transaction. For domestic credit card transactions Member States may define a lower per transaction interchange fee cap.


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I find it so thankful that Revolut doesn’t make us pay the interchange fees when topping up our account. TransferWise do add fees when topping up. I personally wouldn’t have a problem if they added it since the service they are offering for free is already amazing.


Yes like Boingo from Mastercard

  • Change prepaid cards to real Visa Infinite/Mastercard World Elite :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Love that idea :slight_smile:

The math already doesn’t add up for Revolut when customers top up via card. They then first pay interchange before being able to earn some with card payments.

Cashback is already cross subsidized to some extend. And 0.5% with cap was introduced by Revolut staff with this survey: