How can we make Premium/Metal 10x better?


Why does many bank char a card fees for stick the card into an ATM?
Its card usage too



Banks want everyone to use digital money.



Hi @alan, here are my thoughts:

  • roll out perks for everyone, offer more responsible offers like public transport and healthier options than fast food
  • have different price tiers for lounge passes, Metal should be a little cheaper than Premium
  • I like the proposal for 0.5% payback with cap!
  • make virtual cards work with locally restricted service (like your new Mastercards now work with iTunes outside of the UK)
  • when eventually offering debit cards: add a car rental excess insurance
  • offer an e-SIM based travel cellphone plan with affordable data packages that can be booked from within the app


And governments as well.

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Well to be honest it was probably changed to stop discriminating credit cards. Usualy a merchant would try to avoid payments with credit cards as the fees where much higher then for maestro for example. So he had to pay way more to the POS service. ;o))



The article refers to cards issued in collaboration with banks. In most European markets, Amex issues their cards directly, without a partner bank. So business won’t change in most markets.



offer an e-SIM based travel cellphone plan with affordable data packages that can be booked from within the app

I love your idea.



No, I’m not wrong. Revolut premium services are available on a monthly or yearly plan. The Metal fee is €135 per year for everyone. You can find it here:

This fee is usually never mentioned, it is just included in the (bad) exchange rate. It is also the only reason services such as TransferWise and Revolut exist in the first place, e.g. TransferWise has this to say: “Unlike most banks, TransferWise uses the real exchange rate for sending money — just like the one used by Google or Reuters.”

Now it may well be that in your case the rate they use is the actual interbank rate. But I highly doubt it as this would certainly be mentioned everywhere. Also in the example they have on their UK website the rate that is used is definitely not the interbank rate.

And did you compare the price with the lowest price elsewhere (, I’m not saying you are wrong but hotel prices are extremely difficult to compare. They may have a special offer for hotel A, but hotel B could be a much better deal. Only hotel B is not listed on your partner site at all… Anyway,, for example, does give 5% to affiliates, so what you say is entirely possible.



No, I think you are misunderstanding me. It is the same law (interlinked). It is a push for digital payment. People in Europe are supposed to have means of digital payments available to them and to use them. This is one goal. With two implications:

  1. Common payment methods are supposed to be cheap (no, you’re not allowed to charge the merchant 5%)
  2. The customer can use cash or digital currency without having to pay fees (no, you’re not allowed to charge extra).

They could get rid of 1 while keeping 2, but this would slow down the digital transformation. And it would drive up prices as merchants would want to keep their margins and hence would just have to increase the base price.

Is it really so difficult to understand that nothing is free in this world? Do you really think you get 5% cashback because some people are just so very happy to give?

So you’d rather have your card declined than just live with the fact that you get what you pay for? Interesting.

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  • Remove the concierge service :grinning:

  • I’d like to treat Revolut as my ultimate travel partner. When I will go abroad, Revolut card would be the first thing I’m packing. (Seriously, let’s add Apple Pay support!) But why stop there? What’s the second thing I need, especially if I’m going to a non-EU country? Data plan! You can team up with eSIM providers like Truphone & GigSky to offer Metal users Data plan with discounted rates.

  • You can keep the 0.1% cashback rate, but just like in Curve let Metal users to get 0.5% cashback in 3 selected retailers. Keep this for the duration of the Metal subscription.



The thing is that they need to have a working business plan for everyone to be happy on the platform.
In the EU they make about 0.2% on every card transaction, that means if you spend $10K per year they make just $20 off you.



Perhaps you could give 0.5 % cashback with a cap and after that cap is reached still pay 0.1 % or a lower rate for further payments.

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That would be so cool. Even if it was Metal or another card type I’d be up for that.



I’d think chargeback protection or a way to get money back if someone takes it when they didn’t get authorisation to.



Have you guys over at Revolut decided on a better cashback structure yet after reviewing the conversation here?

Sorry if it seems weird, but most people see 0.1% and go “well that’s nothing” as they don’t know about the 0.2% interchange fee cap :thinking:

Even knowing about it, I think 0.1% is nothing unless you’re spending tens of thousands a year



Something like Monese is doing with Avios linking?



ATMs: card issuer has to pay a fee for every withdrawal, earns nothing.
Card payments: card issuer earns interchange fee.



Would be nice to have the possibility of automatically hide all transactions that goes to my vault
Would be nice to have cashback details also in the transaction details page (to understand if it’s a 1% or 0.1%)


  • A real debit card, possibly world elite.
  • Remove the concierge, it gets nothing but bad feedback - or switch to the above MasterCard World Elite offering
  • Either allow more free passes for the airport lounges or at least have some kind of discount. After your first one it’s cheaper and more beneficial to go direct, thus the offer is completely worthless


Free accounting services and advice. :pray: