How can we make Premium/Metal 10x better?


The original point was that it would be an enhancement if Revolut could do that for you. Yes, it would make Premium/Metal better for those who face the issues mentioned.


The ability to have a secondary UK GBP bank account with metal would be great.

Currently due to the limitation of 1 acc I’m still using my Monzo acc to pay bills but would happily switch to revolut if I could have a second one


I tell you why. Booking takes 10%-30% from every hotel booked on their platform. So, indeed a 20% discount doesn’t really cost them much. But why should they pass that on to Revolut instead of their own customers directly? Booking is one of the dominant platforms. If anything they are interested in keeping their customers. Discounts will therefore be granted as part of their loyalty and referral programs and not passed on to third party services driving customers away from their site. So, Revolut will have to make a pretty shitty deal with them or partner up with smaller providers who can’t afford large-scale discounts to begin with, which means they can only offer so much. As can be seen easily when you look at their other extras: expensive Airport lounges, near-useless concierge service, questionable travel/device insurance etc.

I think people should stop complaining about things like that. Try to understand what it means to get discounts and cash back. Someone has to pay for these! Revolut is cool and all, but there is a reason why premium Amex cards cost several hundreds annually, and why their fees are much higher to the point that merchants are reluctant to accept them. And the reason is not that they are complete idiots and extra greedy, but that this is the only way to offer their customers really useful, expensive services and benefits. (well, at least partially, they are in fact also extra greedy :slight_smile:


A 0.5% cashback in EU


Bit late to the thread but hopefully constructive and I already see the same things being asked for over and over:

  1. Remove concierge function - quite frankly it is useless and you can repurpose the budget to bring your Premium/Metal customers more features

  2. The weekend FX fee is a mild annoyance. Remove this for the Metal customers, you’ll quickly realise that most people who travel overseas on the weekend will upgrade to Metal for this feature alone, even if it isn’t costing them the same as an annual Metal fee.

  3. Lounge feature - whilst a good idea in principle, execution is not quite there. A quick price compare reveals Revolut is not always best priced, and similar premium cards (AMEX Gold) provide free lounge passes as a perk. For those paying a Metal annual fee, having 2 free passes per year would start to justify the rolling annual cost.

A few other things to note:

  1. I see a lot of requests for Apple Pay but I actually love taking out my Metal card and flashing it about. It gets attention and was the whole point of having a Metal membership - not to keep it buried in my pocket whilst I take my iPhone out!

  2. The requests for different card designs - meh. Not worth £120 Metal fee. I want to see real benefits for this cost.

  3. More cash back - whilst nice, probably won’t make financial sense so I can see why this won’t change in the short term.

  4. I urge Revolut to benchmark their Metal perks against similar “luxury” cards such as AMEX Gold/Platinum, HSBC / Barclays Premier and realise they are competing for these customers who travel abroad frequently and are willing to shift to Revolut provided the benefits are matched/better.

Personally, I am seeing less and less perks/benefits to keep me as a Metal customer paying £120 a year. I have the card which is cool, but unless I see an improvement in the specific Metal perks or benefits, I’ll probably just downgrade to Premium/Basic when it comes up for renewal.

Premium: Airport Lounges

It would be cool if there was an online portal that you could log into.

Increase cashback within Europe from 0.1% - you have to spend 1000 to get 1 euro back. It’s pointless.

Discounts at high street shops or specific cashback that change weekly - such as my bank accounts VISA offers for example current offers are. 5% cashback at the Lego store, 6% cashback from Ted Baker etc.

Ability to offer family & friend Revolut Metal at a discounted rate, or a bonus / cashback feature for people you recommend Revolut to, via your specific link .

Free flights voucher 2 x return flights per year. Just pay taxes and charges.

Ability to earn Skymiles for whatever airline you choose.

Monthly Statements e-mailed with budgeting breakdowns.

Free /discounted upgrades in hotels or on flights - i.e. free seat selection, free baggage, priority etc.

10/15/20% discount on subsequent years if you decide to keep the metal plan activated.

Ability to choose if you want Metal VISA or Mastercard


Also, PLEASE, the addition of actually instant transfers would be fantastic.

Currently transfers take several hours, which can be a pain.

Having proper instant transfers would be fantastic now that you guys have a banking license (congrats on that btw!)


Disposable cards where the user controls when to dispose it.

The reason is that many services do pre-authorisation by processing a fake amount (typically 0,01$) immediately before charging the true transaction. But because Revolut disposable card immediately cycles, the auth transaction succeeds and the proper transaction fails.
If the user controled the disposing, these transactions would work while the user still would have protection against fraudulent charges later on.

User control would also mean fewer card cycles. If I do three purchases one day, I probably don’t need three new card numbers and would chose to dispose/cycle the card at the end of the day.

To make it work for everyone (and to protect the whimsical), there should be a user setting like this:
Dispose my card

  • after every transaction
  • daily (if there have been transactions)
  • weekly (if there have been transactions)
  • monthly (if there have been transactions)


Create a non disposable virtual card. Use it twice then delete it. Bingo ?


Not really, pay commission to anyone selling their services.


The idea of revolut is to have more people joining so you can transfer instantly between accounts. I understand your point, but im not sure this should be a focus of the company.


Only if they add you to their affiliates program which they can deny if you are a strategic mismatch.


Which cashback structure would metal users prefer more?

  • 0.5% (in Europe), 1% (Outside Europe) with an annual cashback cap of £72
  • 0.1% (in Europe), 1% (Outside Europe) without cashback cap.

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What about 0.5% with an annual cap of 36£ and 0.1% for others? :slight_smile:
(I’m talking about Europe)


Honestly, neither. If American Express can do 5% I’m sure Revolut could at least do 1% in Europe and 1.5% outside of Europe, with a much larger cap than £72 (or none at all)

You make money out of the interchange and on lending via Revolut credit, is it too much to ask that you sweeten up your insurance a little bit and throw more of a bone in with the cashback?

I’ll be getting Revolut Metal once I guarantee the insurance is applicable to business trips, from my place of living regardless of if its the registered address in Revolut as well as when I’m able to get decent cashback and the local accounts are more plentiful.

But Metal is meant to be the highest tier right, see if you can get issued American Express cards so you can charge a higher interchange and as a result can offer more cashback.

It’s absolutely unacceptable for a card that’s meant to be so premium to cap things at the same time as offering ‘everything but mediocre’

If you need more clarifications, feel free to DM me.


They do? Didn’t know that. :sweat_smile:


They do have a card that is 5% interest in the UK at least, im sure revolut could manage 1% EU, 1.5-2% in Rest of The World.

On top of that @alan needs to tell the legal team that they need to fix their advertising, Russia isn’t in the EU but is also 0.1% cashback, as are a few other countries.


Not really. It’s 5% cashback for the first 3 months on up to £2000. Ongoing cashback rate is only 0.5%.


I agree with others ditch the concierge
A truly US based Account with routing details allowing US deposits
For me a better Insurance Provider that allows pre-existing conditions would be helpful saving duplication.
Also transfer in from external Crypto accounts perhaps


I understand that. But the reality is that we aren’t going to see the majority of people holding a revolut account in the near future.

Meaning that instant transfers are still a very important feature so that we can pay/be paid by people via normal bank transfer which IS the dominant method worldwide currently.