How can we make Premium/Metal 10x better?


Well I would never tell or write my PIN anywhere. That’s just common sense.


Yes but support should hopefully know where you could go to do the change?


Unfortunately they couldn’t help me on that issue. So changing the PIN in the App or over a Website would be awesome.


What about lifting limit of physical cards for metal/premium. And possibility to choose between Visa/MC/Maestro.


I love the idea of Concierge, but it’s just so bad. Improve this.

I want to be able to have multiple accounts in the same currency for management of my funds, like the business accounts have, where I can link one account to a card, and another account to another.

I want to be able to have unlimited virtual cards like business accounts.

I want to be able to have a joint account!

I want support to read what I ask them in the support.

I really want a web interface.


Starbucks credit / discounts / vouchers.
Airport lounges.
Sports equipment insurance cover.
Travel related stuff/ backpacker friendly.
Increased cash back.


The only thing I liked about my Visa gold card was that it covered deductibles when renting a car. Could that be added to Revolut metal?


True. My bad. I was reading through the thread and forgot about the name.


Perhaps improving the app also improves the metal/premium experience? OK, maybe not exactly by a factor 10.

You mean to say that N26 does the impossible? It did work for them last time I tried it.


Hotel benefit
Late checkout, early check inn
Free airport transfer, or discount
Airline benefit, with extra point then paying with revolut, extra hotel point


Cover canceled flight
If my flight are canceled and i strand in a layover somewhere, and my holiday/work are damage, ruined
Its should be covered, get me to my destination as best as possible
Or hotel, food, something to make my layover more comfort, maybe the next available flight are the next day
And if it happen then i am going home, give me another option to get home, new ticket, or a train ticket. something


The N26 card has many offers.

Under the Revolut offers section for metal users it’s blank.

Discounts and offers for other things in that section would be awesome.

I’d also like to see (not just for metal)

  • Faster Payments Enabled in the UK
  • Ability to use Direct Debits in the UK

If it had these two things I’d use it as my main account but I can’t until it offers these things, would be good to see it offered to everyone but even if it were available only to metal users I’d be happy.


I think making sure all your clients have access to the same services for premium and metal and not misleading them by making them believe on the app that they have access to some services when they actually don’t, would be a good start (i.e. travel and medical insurance for Switzerland).

Once you sort these basic issues, I think airport lounge access is a pretty common feature for premium credit cards.


Premium / Metal Users to have:

  1. Localised IBAN Numbers.

In Spain, it’s been impossible to change any of my direct debits to my EUR Revolut account. Even though n26 have a great FAQ on the subject - which I’ve used to question why my change was declined. I just get “sorry our bank won’t accept non Spanish IBANs”

  1. Ability to have cards in spouses / family names.

  2. Access to those contactless bracelets / rings for contactless payment.


I am able to change PIN via app/ wbsite on my local high street banks though…


Yeah, AMEX also allows me to change my PIN via the website.


This is illegal under EU law, Revolut are not going to introduce localised IBAN’s to help a company break the law. You just have to inform the company that it’s illegal to discriminate against IBAN due to EU law and then if they do it anyways, report them.


Its not the company that is refusing, its their bank!


Get that in an official document with the bank name and then report the bank :ok_hand:t2:


In my opinion the premium is already quite good offering. Metal at almost double price does offer little or no extra benefit over the premium card. I think revolut should focus on adding a few extra features to metal that makes it worth the price. Airport lounges is one of them, free travel insurance for extra passengers is an other. I also think its fair that the money windraw limit is higher on metal. If Revolut is ever going to compete with local banks, those standard day to day fees needs to be lower to motivate paying a monthly fee. Most bank cards are free of charge in Europe or with a very low yearly cost. A few quite luxurious credit cards offers better perks, especially around cashback and discounts. The Revolut app is superb, and the main reason why i use the service today. But in order to make premium or metal 10x better today, you will need to add features that makes it worth the high yearly cost. A few ones that i could think about from the top of my head:

  • Hotel discounts
  • Airport lobby
  • Car hire discounts
  • Higher cashback (today i get back 0.04 Euro for every 40 euro spent)
  • Device insurance included

But make sure those discounts are actually discounts. I saw some horror examples of airport lobby prices for metal, and it was cheaper to book at the door.

I think generally revolut could benefit a lot from having partnerships where they sell to 0 margin and instead add this as a added value to the revolut product.
For example if offer revolut 20% commission on sold hotels, why not offer revolut members 20% off when you book hotel. Revolut makes no money but people are more likely to upgrade to metal to get those perks and revolut will benefit from yearly fees and card usage.