How can we make Premium/Metal 10x better?


Make cash back 1% on spends over £500 per month, lounge access free, partner travel insurance free. I get all this on Barclays premier and Amex

  • Priority Pass (…at least a 50% discount on plans)
  • Withdrawal limit increased to 5.000 EUR/monthly
  • Cashback 0,1% in EU is quite symbolic… should be increased to 0,5%
  • Disposable CVC like Bunq
  • No extra fees on currency exchange on weekends
  • Concierge is useless


*Remove foreign exchange fees in weekends.
*Get local IBAN for base currency.
*Add family members to same account (at least able to issue cards in their name linked to a main account)


Support all Contactless payment-Options:

  • NFC Card on Android Mobile
  • Google Pay (done)
  • Apple Pay
  • Garmin Pay


Perhaps Revolut should focus on account features rather than unrelated stuff such as airport lounges. Just a couple of improvements that would provide real value:

  • Support for SEPA Instant Credit Transfer
  • Support for 3-D Secure online payments (Mastercard SecureCode or Verified by Visa)
  • Support search by card number (and include the numbers in the account statements)
  • Provide a web interface (e.g. exporting account statements is a pain when using the app)
  • Support the OUR instruction for Swift transfers
  • Provide local bank account numbers for non-Euro accounts
  • Find a solution for the default 0.50% weekend charge (at least for Premium/Metal accounts)
  • Support change of card PIN in the app
  • Support Host card emulation in the Android app so cards don’t have to be issued physically if the user doesn’t want so (faster and perhaps safer)

As for the insurances my suggestion would be to unbundle them. Still, providing them does make sense. An insurance that is commonly available in the UK market but is difficult to find elsewhere is Car Hire Excess insurance. I think it would make sense to provide it through the app.

As for the upcoming Wealth product I don’t know what exactly to expect. But it would make sense if there is some choices to make. As an example, I would prefer a product without security lending, even if that means having to pay a fee for it.


Dark mode in app (it’s one of my few remaining apps that don’t support it and can’t be that difficult to implement?), a web portal, full debit cards.
Everything else I’d like to see, already mentioned somewhere above.

Agree with comments on concierge, also not that impressed myself


Can I just bring this topic back down to earth a bit. This is for how to improve premium and metal, not for what you want Revolut to add in general.


You forgot Fitbit pay


This man speaks the truth :+1:t2:

  • Web access
  • NFC payments with the phone
  • Change PIN from the app
  • Dark mode
  • Cooperation with some low cost airlines maybe?


And instead or just add something because it’s look cool
Lounge access, wow cool right? Oh in reality pretty useless

wait to make things right instead or rush it out


Not only for premium users, but for each plan:
possibility of direct charging linked card without topping up- just in time (like Curve does)


This thread is about making metal or premium better, not a wishlist of what you want Revolut to add to the app.

Also changing card PIN from the app isn’t possible, the way cards work makes it so.


Can you please explain why?


It requires the card to make a connection to make a chip and pin transaction to do. That’s why N26 have you do it at an ATM, they’re connected to the Internet :wink:


So you say it’s an general thing, yes? Didn’t N26 or Revolut allowed changing the PIN via the App a while ago? How did it work then?


It worked fine, guess they want people to go to an atm because most atm´s have camera surveilance - fighting fraud is most likely the real reason we can no longer change pin within the app. Something at least i am perfectly fine with given how seldom one usually changes the card pin.


That wouldn’t be an issue, if there would be an ATM around me that would actually support changing my PIN. :disappointed:


Actually I would just like to change it once. That would be alright for me. But I can’t. That is the issue…


Ah, well if you need to do this and there is no atm´s near you that will accept pin change i´m sure support can help you with the issue.