How can we make Premium/Metal 10x better?


I am specificaly interested in the following features:

  • Multiple accounts in same curency, sub-accounts and being able to title/name accounts
  • Being able to control routing the payments over accounts so an account can be blocked from accidental withdrawal (like a savings account with an IBAN)
  • API access
  • MT940 formatted exports that can be imported into financial services application like GNUCash/aqbanking
  • MT940 exports via API so someone can develop a GNUCash/aqbanking plugin for Revolut or SAP or you name it…
  • Workflow in the App to open/handle insurance claims
  • A website where others can pay into my accounts (paypal alike)
  • My own picture on a credit card / i like tigers
  • Financial loss insurance
  • More insurances
  • QR code payments
  • A logo that is deadly serious but sexy
  • App redesign for responsive design and a more serious but sexy design
  • Transparent credit cards
  • Revolut swag store (tshirts, cups, backpacks)
  • Web interface
  • A thousand more…

Kind regards



No weekend markup, replace this with amending the amount charged to what the exchange rate is on the day the transaction clears.

Reserve 0.5% more, then the market open refund the difference, why is it not how is done?
If the price go down, i am the one that pay
If the price go up, revolut loose money, it can be a lot of money then buying flight tickets hotels, and so one, over a weekend, with holidays

  • No markup fees on weekends
  • increase / no cash withdrawal limit
  • Increase cashback in Europe
  • Choice between Visa and Mastercard
  • Change prepaid cards to real Visa Infinite/Mastercard World Elite
  • Provide access to the Revolut Beta application
  • remove/change the concierge service, this one is useless.
  • Let’s be crazy, the possibility of having a personal local IBAN in ALL European countries, some companies / administrations still do not accept foreign IBANs even if it is not legal.


A phone subscription plan
With a good deal and price


Free internet access hotel, airline, airport, hotspot, when traveling


Concierge isn’t a useful service. My two are finally introduce airport lounges and discounts on travel, mainly hotels. N26 are ahead when it comes to benefits (personal preference) they already have loungekey benefit and some of the mastercard world elite benefits (30% ihg hotels etc).


maybe tackle the one problem: card security settings can only be changed when phone has internet access. something like an offline switch on card to enable/disable card? a fingerprint sensor on the card? of an bluetooth chip that checks if phone is in reach of the card and only works then. …but that’ll mean there needs to be an battery onboard… mmmh


make them available to buy for €19 one time fee (without upgrading to premium)


The ability to order MasterCard, Visa or Maestro. To be able to use Google Pay with or without a physical card (like PayPal does).


Apple Pay?

Oh well, at least I tried :sweat_smile:


Make moderators approve posts promptly judge posts. Several hours is unacceptable


More insurance would be welcome : car rental (like on visa gold), increased warranty on product bought with the card,… Look at N26 they have much more to offer here.
Special discount / cashback with online shops (Amazon, airline, what ever just make us feel special :slight_smile:)
Real debit card not prepaid.
Possibility to customize the second card like for the kids app.

That would make my concidere upgrading my premium account.


So the feedback I can think of for metal,

  1. Remove or improve Concierge
  2. Visa/MasterCard full cards not prepaid
  3. Add in MasterCard Securecode and Visa 3ds support- code generates through app as opposed to SMS
  4. Airport lounges

In app for all users how about being able to see incoming transfer limits, starting to get salary paid in to Revolut (should be fine I’m told, but there are some horror stories)

Oh and update FAQs and guides to actually reflect what is available on the App.


Ability to turn off/on the medical insurance for cross border worker. Today we are wasting days credit in our normal place of work.
Same concern for premium plan.

  1. Make a flexible, adhesive version of it available so I can stick the card to the back of my mobile phone case for example. That way I don‘t have to pull out the card all the time for a contactless payment.

  2. Make a wearable version of it. Maybe a cool Revolut wristband or again a flexible, adhesive version of it I can stick to whatever I want.


I would like to top up from my Amex card.


Lose the concierge service. As a new user who loves the idea of Revolut and is looking forward to using the product, the negative publicity around this service doesn’t appear to do you any favours. The 0.1% cashback offer seems to produce similar posts. How about offering a unique discount code that’ll give premium users a (for example) 10% discount on a selection of top retail websites?


would be great if you actually could offer something in all supported countries. (or at least make sure everyone knows what they get). Right now it’s pretty useless in Switzerland since the premium features don’t really work.


My home bank offer credit card or debit card for free


Curve updated today - theyre also bringing out airport lounges and have implimented insurance and various other features. N26 has airportlounges already, the gap between these companies are extremely close right now. I’d like to see Revolut become a card issuer and more benefits for travel, hotels etc, finally implimenting airport lounges. World Elite would also be an amazing benefit.