How can we make Premium/Metal 10x better?

How about offering a share option in Revolut where we have an option to buy shares in the Revolut Company that would mean we all have a real stake in seeing the company succeed?


Revolut is not a public company.

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I understand that, but no doubt it will at some point?

This card really looks beautiful.

More contest where we can win Metal Subscriptions. :heart_eyes:

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Without cashback cap. Why would I want to limit what can be “Earned” by using Revolute? Thought the whole point, from Revolutes point of view, was to encourage both Metal buy in and promote use of card. You limit what cashback I can get then why have a metal account?


Here’s a crazy idea, resolve the in chat support, 3 days looking for an agent, even a bot, to discuss issues with is NOT “Priority Service.”


Yes! Plus we need more activity from the revolut staff. We can`t just sit in the dark.


There could be a different opinion among :r: customers, whether concierge is needed or not (however it obvious) or insurance or something else. Another problem, if any advantage/service was already included into the metal package it hard to say later - sorry guys it was shitty option, we will not give you it anymore and changing to something else, there will definitely tons of complains who likes the feature.
So there is a trick:
Make a scoring of each benefit: let say spread 1000points among all metal current benefits according how :r: will rate it for itself. And then allow users switch on/off those benefits which they find useful personally for them within given points. All possible benefits switched on probably could cost higher than 1000points and person who are not interested in lounges, concierge, insurance could switch it off but, switch on those for higher cashback or ATM limit etc.
There could be ranges in each category, let say ATM monthly withdrawal limit 500eur - one price in points, 100eur another price, 2000 eur - another price.
So having this feature for metal users they can adjust number of services and their level and this will increase personal value of having metal subscription plan but together with that reducing :r: expenses and risks.
When new features coming (like trading - i love it) it could be provided to all current metal subscribers for free.
The possibility to switch benefit on/off is allowed when you starts your metal plan and every year for free during renewal process or after 12 monthly payment. I would avoid allowing freely making benefit switch on/off anytime as it could be used to trick the :r: and gain instant benefits like lounge pass and then opt it out. Or allow it to do any time for a fee about 10eur but, it will be applied in a week, not immediately…

P.S. I also really want to have saving account (deposit should be insured of course) with intrest rate not less than 2% otherwise no sense to keep money in :r: and really want credit card - mainly just to avoid problem with car rentals and gas station payments in USA. Some classic credit on credit card with for 45days non-interest period would also be welcome. - solve this please and I do not need any other cards from other banks.

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API access so I can integrate with GNUCash and/or write my own finance tracking apps.

Can be read only to start with but I’m basically using this requirement to choose which bank to use as my main bank atm.

Not using a pre-paid implementation for the card. Currently I can’t use my revolut card for a few key things because they refuse to accept pre-paid cards. This prevents me from truly migrating to revolut. I assume metal is also a pre-paid style card currently?

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Hows about actually providing the service you are charging for?

I upgraded to premium because Revolut have 6500 pounds of mine that I want back and they won’t answer chat


Issue credit cards (instead of pre-paid/debit)


Give Premium/Metal customers free choice of Visa or Mastercard - allow to get both cards.


Plus Maestro cards…

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Issue a virtual card with bin of selected country.
I faced a situation when e-shop recalculated the price nominated in USD to GBP because of the BIN, without possibility to left original price currency.

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Increase the price for airport lounges… /s

Isn’t allowed I’m afraid

Country BINs would be literally useless if not linked to a country…

I liked this tip I hope you add in revolut

Yes. Give us real personal bankers, not just priority on chat, that is being disabled whenever you want. Maybe dedicated support on Telegram/Whatsapp. For that I would pay way more than for metal.

Another thing: provide savings accounts/time deposits.