How can we make Premium/Metal 10x better?


Ability to choose the service you like:
Discount if no ATM withdraw in any for 12 month of your subscription
1% cashback in EU
2% cashback anywhere else
Remove the useless and no need concierge.
Visa Debit Metal and Premium cards.


Mainly, do not rely on the innovation of the card to drive the plan. Having the card is not really worth the money difference from Premium to Metal.
What you could do is apply the difference between the estimated weekend exchange rate and the real rates once the weekend is over.
This prevents using the card in the weekend for unexpected purchases.
Another, would be to offer extra promotions with vendors for metal users.


Possibility to get maestro card for premium users from any country


Bring all features to swiss users!


This should be available to all users.


Are there some who can not get them? Does that depend on the country of origin?


Let us use our own card designs. :slightly_smiling_face:


Only Lichentstein, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany and Austria can get them. Its stupid, how do you use Revolut everywhere if you can’t use it in countries you’d visit. People are fine with paying for this luxury, but at least offer it.


Mastercard World Elite status


There are so many things to improve:

Travel Insurance. Another company. This makes it useless. Paying 70£ for a claim… no thanks. I paid 35€ for a 90 days insurance and made a claim of about 30€. (Mondial assistance)

Phone insurance. It’s more expensive than any other one offered by any telcel company

Withdrawal limits. If you say 400 pounds. Then make it 400 for everyone. Not 290 for Romanians and others! Be equal. Don’t discriminate. We still pay the same price for premium/ metal. If we speak about the metal limit, is even worse.

Metal limits. Make it much higher than 600/ 436£ (you see the difference?!?).

Concierge. Garbage

Support: when you release a new service, be sure you have enough trained people for the chat. When metal was released premium users were basically recycled.

As someone said. Add 3rd party subscriptions.

Revolut Wizz Air!


Add perks for every country. And consider making some better (METAL only) perks.


A regular Credit Card, for metal with Elite status


Why would a credit card be only for Metal users? Maybe Metal and Premium users could get it for free, while standard users could order one against a monthly fee.


Join the loyalty program of low cost airlines around the world and combine them in the metal card. If you choose airlines from different parts of the world, not flying concurrent routes, but have loyalty programs, your card would be unique and would cater for the world traveler segment. Going back to your roots!

Just an example:

  • WizzAir in Europe,
  • AirAsia in Asia
  • JetBlue in the States
  • JetStar in Australia
  • 1-1 from Africa and Latin America even they have low cost airlines


How about, just adding extra currencies, securing licences to operate further afield, before adding more and more bloatware to the offering !

Wow, that would be novel :wink:


Discount on, Uber, Taxify, Taxi, Mytaxi, Taxieu,


Phone support?


Fast track at the airport
Discount on parking
Restaurant discount


Travel insurance for those over 70. I would be happy to pay an additional premium to cover the higher risk profile. As it stands in a couple of years one of the main benefits (for me) will disappear.


Free Tripit pro membership