How can we make Premium/Metal 10x better?

I think that may be the issue. I only use the disposables and when it’s not possible the virtual.

I will try with the physical one to check if I can.


Not yet, there is a thread dedicated to joint accounts. Revolut Youth has been announced, but no release date yet. Here the discussion thread for accounts for kids.

With a premium card comes travel / medical insurance. I would like to add travelling companions but I only have the option to add them on an annual basis. The option to add companions on The Pay-per-Day scheme would be much more useful otherwise I end up paying for an annual policy when the companions are only travelling with me occasionally ie a few weeks each year. It makes no sense to pay the additional premium in such a scenario.

I would consider adding them under an annual policy if the cover extended to cover them whilst they were travelling separately from me but that is a major exclusion of the policy.


Well agreed with @Tandara ! +1


A higher cashback.
A car rental assurance

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