How can I unblock my account?


My account was blocked yesterday night. Well, I am sure I blocked it.
The app asked me the last 4 digits of my last top-up and to scan my card.
I thought it asked me to scan my new Revolut card, received yesterday morning. But it probably asked me to scan the card used to do the top-up. That is my fault.
Anyway, my account is blocked. Ms. Rita the Robot told me to wait arround 20 minutes to talk with an agent, but that was almost 2 hours ago. Is there other way to unlock the app? If something similar happens to me abroad, what could I do?

Thank you.

PS: sorry for my low quality English.


Hello again!
No answer here, no answer on twitter.
No answer in chat support.
With traditional banks, you can call and be ignored.
Here directly there is no answer. This feels worst.


Same for me. I need help as well but nobody cares about me. My account was blocked 2 days ago and I noticed that to the support team but it seems like Revolut doesn’t care about their customers. :frowning:


5th 0f july 2017 i send 1000 pound from my revolt to another 2 revolt still they did not receved money and now they block my account and they also block revolt account that i send money so i do not know where i shall complain,


Well, this morning they answered me via Twitter.
First they asked me some basic information about my account.
Few hours later thay asked me for some bank statements, standard stuff.
Then my account was unblocked.
It was “fast” and cordial, but it has to be via Twitter.
I hope the app never get blocked when I am outside, because it takes a few days to solve any problem, and I never use Twitter, I don’t even have the app.

Well, thank you for your time.


Same issue absolutely nothing from support. Rather use a normal bank