How can I top up AUD on my Revolut? What's the best option?

I have an (€) European Revolut account. However, I am in possession of a large amount of AUD which I would like to top up on my Revolut account as AUD and not EUR. Unfortunately, the AUD is not one of the supported currencies to top up by credit/debit card. I would have to top up with my Australian card in EUR and then exchange afterwards back into AUD. I’ve read other threads on the Revolut community which says that I can top up AUD via bank transfer directly into the currency account if that currency is included as one that has a currency account. From my understanding, the AUD transferred to Revolut would be shown as EUR in my account and not as I wanted as AUD. But I am not completely sure about all that and wonder if I make a bank transfer in AUD to Revolut, whether my Revolut is topped up in AUD or in EUR. Would really appreciate a clarification. Thanks.


If you send your money to the pooled IBAN with your unique reference number, it will go to your AUD currency account.

Keep in mind you can only receive payments from yourself to yourself via the pooled IBAN (eg. No businesses.).

My understanding is that unique AUD IBANs should accompany the Australia expansion in 2018, however.

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Also keep in mind that your transfer from Australia will count as an international transfer, for which most Australian banks charge $25-50. Revolut don’t have a local bank account in Australia.

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While waiting for the personal Australian “IBANs” (well, actually Australia doesn’t use IBANs, but you get what I mean), you might like to use CurrencyFair, you can send your money there via Bpay or local transfer from any Australian account.
However you do need to transfer your AUDs to any other currency (EUR, GBP, …) at CurrencyFair before sending it back out and there is a cost. The cost depends on the bid/ask in the marketplace (it’s a peer-to-peer system, so you sell or buy currency from other users). Sometimes you can get as much as 0.5% less than interbank, and on a few occasions I’ve actually got better than interbank, it all depends on who else is looking to exchange at the time. Then they charge, I think GBP 2.50, to send the money back out again. You can also set limit orders (eg exchange 20000 AUD into GBP at 0.58, which then will sit there until filled, if ever).
Anyway if anyone wants to try, you (and I) will get a sign-on bonus of €30 if you use the following link to sign up:

I am however eagerly awaiting the Revolut Australian personal “IBANs” as this will no doubt be the best and easiest solution in the end.

Yeah, I’m also keen to see this. I saw around a 0.2% difference in the price between Revolut and CurrencyFair, which is significant in larger volumes.